Fall fashion: Bold

TRL’s Cora Blasko breaks down fall fashion for the season


Eloise Friloux

Fall Fashion is officially on its way and swinging into action. TRL’s Cora Blasko shows her outlook on this years trends.

As fall comes around again, so does fall fashion. This year’s trends might look a little different, however. If it could be described in one word, it would be “bold.”

Courtesy of Glamour

Vintage Clogs

In contrast to previous years’ footwear, this fall is predicted to be big on clunky clogs and high-top shoes. Whether it’s plain, old-fashioned black or customized floral print, chunky platforms are making a fierce comeback this year. Vintage, with a modernized flair.


Courtesy of Pinterest

Cargo Pants

Next up on the list of new trends is cargo pants. While this look may be more of an acquired taste, cargo pants have been on their way up the fashion chain. Baggy, and with a million pockets? These pants are perfect for this upcoming season.

Courtesy of Glamour


Oversized Button-up

Speaking of baggy clothing, oversized button-up shirts are another upcoming craze. To be fair, these shirts never really went out of style. They create a perfect “boyfriend” look and go with almost any outfit. Casual, yet elegant.


Courtesy of Dynamic Asia Los Angeles


To top it all off, accessories. But not just any accessories- fuzzy accessories. From bracelets and earrings to hats and purses, fur-coated decorations add a comfy and modern feel to any outfit. This trend is fairly new, but shows no signs of slowing or stopping anytime soon. 

Of course, we never know what unique styles will take over next year!