Spring Fashion

TRL’s Ashlan Morgan shares fashion trends for this spring


Anna Frost

Spring officially started on March 20. TRL’s Ashlan Morgan shares some of her favorite spring fashions.

70s essence

Florals and bold patterns have sprung back into fashion this season. Clothing stores have stocked their racks with bright floral designs, retro patterns and boho aesthetics. Spring is coming in full bloom with the lively, vibrant 70s essence and style.


Platform shoes

Stepping into spring, platform shoes are another trend inspired by the 1930s-50s. Platforms can fit into the style of any individual, incorporated in heels, sneakers, loafers, boots and sandals. The versatility and functionality of platform shoes are a must have item for the spring season.

Bright colors

From the gray winter season to the rejuvenation of spring, there’s no better time to style color. Clothing store racks are stocked with eye-catching, bright colors. Whether in a bold print, simple tee or unique shoe, vibrant colors are embedded into this season’s trends.

Athletic wear

As the warmer months approach, fashion encouraging comfort and functionality are widely popular. Hoka shoes, tennis skirts, loose fitting tops, and lightweight leggings are making constant appearances in everyday wear. The popularity of casual, easy-to-style athletic wear will perhaps continue to be a trend for years to come.

Tote bags

Either for a school bag or lightweight purse, tote bags are perched on the shoulders of many this spring season. Not only are tote bags accessible, but they give added personalization: a favorite museum, famous artwork, potted plants, floral designs or pop culture references. Tote bags offer not only reusability but a unique fashion statement.