Leopard look: Nabilla Abdalla


Caroline Dol

Senior Nabilla Abdalla is in the Pharmacy Technician program and is the vice president of a new club, “Letters Of Gold.” Abdalla’s favorite part of working at a pharmacy is assisting the costumers.

Senior Nabilla Abdalla dedicates her time to studying medicine in the pharmacy technician program and serving the community as vice president of the new club: Letters of Gold.

At A Glance

Favorite song: “Yo No Soy Celoso” by Bad Bunny

Go-to ChopShop order: Chicken Teriyaki

Favorite pharmacy moment: Assisting customers 

Favorite Letters Of Gold moment: Making everyone feel included

Looking Deeper: 

The Red Ledger:  What is your objective for Letters Of Gold?

Nabilla Abdalla: Our objective is to make someone’s day better because when Isabella and I did [a] summer volunteer program, we got an insight on healthcare workers’ lives. We realized that sometimes people need a little nudge to make their day, and since Letters Of Gold is already a national organization, it inspired Isabella to create this club. We both wanted to get into healthcare, so we really appreciate them. That was our objective.

TRL: Why did you decide to bring Letters of Gold to the high school?

NA: Kind of the same reason, just to make someone’s day better. And we wanted to bring light to the healthcare community as well. Even if it’s for a sick child going through something difficult, I really think that spirits can uplift someone. It’s not always about medicine. If you believe that you can get better, and have people motivating you in the background, that can totally help you out. And for nurses doing the same things over and over again, that can be exhausting. But just that little extra nudge to make anyone’s day better is a good cause.

TRL:  What do you hope to get out of Letters Of Gold?

NA: It’s not a personal gain; this is a nonprofit. Anything that we do is just out of the kindness of our hearts. We don’t hope to gain profit, because that’s not our objective behind it. 

TRL: Are you going to continue doing this outside of school? 

NA: Yes, we could do that since it’s a national organization. All you have to do is go on their website, send the letters or do anything else similar to that. I plan on continuing to do this, even though I don’t need service hours for anything. I think it’s a great thing to do. As for the club, since it’s a part of the school, we’re actually looking for underclassmen to recruit on our board, because right now we’re all seniors. I’m the vice president, and I’m a senior; Isabella’s the president, she’s a senior; Nicole George is the senior representative, who’s also a senior. We hope to bring in underclassmen, so they can take on those higher positions.

TRL: Do you believe that this will make a big impact on those who receive the letters?

NA: Yes. I truly do believe that personally the smallest things—-even someone who I barely know, saying hello to me in the hallway or anything like that—makes my day. We’re really making sure that the letters are in-depth, like six to eight sentences, so you can express your gratitude towards that person. It can truly, truly improve someone’s day, because some people don’t have someone saying, “You’re amazing,” or “Thank you.” And just hearing that is awesome.