Leopard Look: Ian York


Caroline Dolberry

Senior Ian York holds up his Instagram account for his senior project. York helped raise a total of $7500.

Ian York is a senior who raised thousands of dollars for his senior project and is involved in several extracurricular activities including A Capella, Chorale, cross country and the High School Musical production.

At a glance:

Favorite song: “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County

Favorite hobby: Running, watching soccer or watching anime

Favorite book: “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

Favorite snack: Peanut Butter M&M’s

Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: What inspired you to raise money for your senior project?

Ian York: I’d say if there’s anything that caused me to choose this for my senior project, it would be my upbringing. I’ve grown up in a very well off community with a wealthy family that raised me to be humble and aware of those around me who are less fortunate. The way my family raised me was very influential in that respect because it’s easy to grow comfortable in the Lovejoy bubble and turn a blind eye to the pockets of poverty that are all around us.

TRL: Why did you choose All Community Outreach as your organization?

IY: I chose ACO because they’re a well-known, trusted organization that I knew would be great to work with. Also, a family friend of ours, Mrs. Michelle Clough does a lot of volunteer work with them, and I was able to coordinate with her to put the fundraiser into action. 

TRL: How did you raise your money?

IY: I raised money mostly by spreading the word through social media. Many of my friends and their families donated to and shared my fundraiser, which was critical for its success. About 60 people donated and most of them donated online, but for a couple of larger donations, I went in person. I raised a total of $7500 dollars.

TRL: Who helped you raise money?

IY: Mrs. Michelle Clough and the rest of ACO was a massive help with my project, and they’re continuing to do amazing things to help the community. My mom was also incredibly helpful in the fundraiser. She taught me important lessons along the way like what to post on social media and how to collect the money.

TRL: How do you balance your time?

IY: For me, music is generally what I love to do, so I do most of my work for A Capella and Chorale in my free time. Coach Kelly, my cross country coach, has been super supportive of my other pursuits, even when I have to miss practice. Overall, it’s not increasingly difficult to manage my time as much as managing my energy. I love everything that I do and it is a privilege instead of a responsibility.

TRL: What do you hope to do once you finish high school?

IY: When I finish high school, I hope to go to college and study psychology and hopefully one day travel the world. I 100% plan on doing more community service. This project has been a fantastic learning experience for me and is just the beginning.