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Teacher seeks out coffee shops, shares through social media


Olivia Lauter

Mike Motsney pours himself a cup of coffee. Motsney reviews coffee shops around DFW and posts them on his Instagram account.

Whether his drink is a cortado, americano, or latte, AP English Literature teacher and coach Mike Motsney loves coffee. However, like a coffee bean, his love for the beverage took time to brew.

“I didn’t always like coffee,” Motsney said. “I first drank it while I was working in a newsroom. I found myself working overnights at some point, and I simply used it as a convenient way to get caffeine.”

Over time, Motsney discovered different shops and types of coffee. 

“As I got older, craft coffee and small roasters became popular, and I started visiting the few shops that were open at the time,” Motsney said. “I quickly realized the difference in the coffee I had been drinking and what it could be.”

Motsney’s wife, Amber Motsney, joined her husband in seeking out new coffee shops.

“[Our love of coffee] started with Starbucks, and then we discovered so many local shops and roasters,” Amber Motsney said. “White Rock Coffee and Cream and Sugar [are] my favorites close to home, and out of town it’s Onyx Coffee in Rogers, Ark.”

Mike Motsney posts his coffee from Salons by JC. Motsney drank coffee and received a haircut. (Courtesy of Mike Motsney)

Motsney, alongside his wife, has chosen to document his experiences at each coffee shop he visits using an Instagram account.

“I initially started documenting because I wanted to remember the shops I’d visited solely for myself,” Motsney says. “When I began talking to people about coffee, they then wanted to know where the best place was. That’s when I would tell them, but also direct them to my Instagram so they could see for themselves.”

Motsney’s coffee Instagram, @dfw_coffee_love, has given other coffee lovers various locations to try. His instagram has over 1,000 followers. He currently has a list of over 190 coffee shops in the DFW metroplex.

“[Mr. Motsney’s] page is really helpful if you’re looking for coffee shops to try in the area,” Audrey Hightower, a follower of the account, said.

Overall, Motsney has enjoyed the experience of running his Instagram account.

“I really enjoy coffee, obviously, and I also enjoy photography,” Motsney said. “While I only take pictures with my phone, I think it’s fun to take a quick pic and then edit it to look much better for an Instagram post. [Working through his list of coffee shops] has been an activity my wife, and I enjoy doing together.”