Passion for fashion

Senior redesigns thrifted clothing for senior project


Olivia Lauter

Senior Paige White holds up one of the clothing pieces she has made. White has been thrifting and redesigning clothes for her senior project.

Scissors cut through the fabric, and clothing is pushed with a firm hand through the machine. A gentle touch to the pedal beneath her is adequate to move along the fragile thread. Hours upon hours go into making ragged fabric into a tangible material item from sore hands. 

FCA leader and acapella member, Paige White, thrifts and flips clothes in the comfort of her home. 

“I’ve always loved fashion and sewing,” Paige said. 

Paige has previous experience and has others to help guide her as she continues to make her own clothes. 

“I have been sewing for two years,” Paige said. “My grandmother, Nina, taught me how to sew.” 

Paige has taken on projects previously and debuted one of her first dresses at prom in 2019. 

“The first time she really got into designing was making her prom dress sophomore year,” Paige’s twin sister, Payton White said. “Ever since then, she’s always been finding some way to make clothes her own.” 

Paige has help from a different corner of the world on new projects and tasks at hand. 

“My mentor is a friend of my mom’s that went to fashion school in London,” Paige said. “Her name is Naomi [and] has helped me with projects in the past. I appreciate her so much.”

 Paige plans to thrift from a variety of places around the community; this way, she can flip at a cheap price. 

“[I am thrifting at] places like Goodwill, Family Thrift and Salvation Army,” Paige said. “Maybe a few vintage places in Dallas.” 

Payton shows her support and interest in her sister’s projects along with others. 

“I think it’s awesome,” Payton said. Designing clothes is hard and can be tedious, It inspires me to work on something challenging and out of my comfort zone.” 

Paige hopes to pursue a career in fashion design and starts her college search with that in mind.  

“I hope she can achieve a sense of workmanship to carry her into college, and the fashion industry someday,” Paige’s mom, Rhonda White said.