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Gregg Custer runs for Seat 2 of Fairview Town Council
Olivia Lauter
Gregg Custer holds his campaign sign. He is one of six Fairview citizens running for town council.

Editor’s Note: TRL has attempted to get in contact with all political candidates running for town council for news coverage. The candidates were reached over the span of several weeks to cover a unique angle of  each candidate running, and TRL does not favor any candidate over another.  

A retired Air Force Colonel. The former president of Sloan Creek’s Homeowners Association. A former school board member in Georgia. A husband. A father.

Gregg Custer is a man of many titles — of many qualifications.

“My dad’s qualities, in my opinion, exemplify the perfect candidate,” Gregg’s daughter Lauren Rodgers said. “He has proven leadership ability [and has] shown me how to live a life of integrity and service. He is fair, even-tempered and honest. I know, he is, without a doubt, the most qualified candidate to serve the city of Fairview as a member of the town council.”

Gregg is running for Seat 2 of the Fairview Town Council against incumbent Cynthia Brugge.

“When you’re asked what qualifies you to do something, sometimes the obvious answer is, well, experience,” Gregg said. “And, I feel like I do have a lot of experience that I could bring to the town council that would be helpful. I think integrity is key, good common sense, just somebody who thinks logically, [and] the ability to work well with other people, with a group of people and with a team.”

His mission

Gregg wishes to oversee the construction of Fire Station No.1, a bond he campaigned for.

“I want to make sure that the Fire Station 1 rebuild project is completed successfully,” Gregg said. “That we’re able to provide fire and safety and EMS support, particularly on the West side of the town because it’s important for our residents and commercial district, and a lot of the responses by fire and EMS happen on Highway 75, so it’s important to have that [nearby].”

He cites increased safety as the primary reason for seeing the project to fruition.

 “With the commercial development we have here now, it’s critical to have that kind of safety near that as well,” Gregg said. “We have kind of a unique setting here in Fairview where, in some ways, we almost have three towns in one — over on the east side of town, with the exception of Heritage Ranch, it’s mostly larger acreages, and then on the west side of town, it’s some smaller lots and homes, and then, of course, the commercial district.”

Because of the diversity within the town, Gregg wants to ensure every voice is heard on every issue.

“As a theme, my goal would be to represent all the residents of Fairview on all of the issues,” Gregg said. “It’s also important that we represent what people want, and the vision that Fairview has had. We didn’t get to where we’re at today yesterday. What exists today was planned out many, many years ago by different councils, different mayors, different boards, and  so they’ve, through the years, followed out with that, and we want to keep that vision for the future.”

Gregg is also campaigning about other issues, such as low taxes and the water drainage issue.

“I think all the candidates that are running for office kind of give you the same list of stuff,” Gregg said. “We want low taxes, and [we want] to make sure we manage both commercial and residential development. I know that we have some concerns about water drainage here in town, and I want to make sure that those get addressed in a proper way as well.”

Previous years

Gregg has been a Texas resident for 40 years, a Fairview resident for 13 years and served in the Fairview government for four to five years. Specifically, he served as the chairman of the planning and zoning commission and, formerly, as the chairman of the town zoning board of adjustments. His previous experience is what led him to run for town council.

“Well, having served in the military for 31 years, it grows in you the desire to be involved, to serve, to be a part of your community, [and] to make a difference, so I’ve felt like that I’ve got a really good background now in the town itself, and the town government,” Gregg said. “There are some things I’d like to see on the town council, that I’d like to bring to the town council.”

Gregg was also a student, citing the never-ending nature of education.

“I have a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in education and have taught on the college level previously,” Gregg said. “I also have other certificates and degrees from different military schools, having completed Air Command and Staff College, Squadron Officers School and Air War College.”

Support from family, friends

Gregg has received support for his campaign from both close friends and family.

“With all elections, you’re required to submit a financial report,” Bruce Bickhaus, Gregg’s campaign treasurer, said. “To [submit it on-time] effectively, most of the candidates have a treasurer on their committee. Since Gregg and I have been friends for many, many years, he asked me if I would volunteer to do that.”

His family consists of his wife Julie, who he’s been married to for 47 years, his daughter, Lauren, and his son, Justin.

“I’m proud of him, but his choice to run for Town Council is just a small reason for that pride,” Rodgers said. “My dad has always been a man ready and willing to serve.”

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