Golden achievement

Seniors Neha Kapur and Bryn Goldsmith receive Gold Award in Scouts

Seniors Neha Kapur and Bryn Goldsmith share their experiences about winning the Gold Award in Girl Scouts.

Shae Daugherty

Seniors Neha Kapur and Bryn Goldsmith share their experiences about winning the Gold Award in Girl Scouts.

There are currently 2.6 million Girl Scouts—1.8 million girl members and 800,000 adult members working primarily as volunteers according to the Girl Scouts website. Out of all of those girls of courage, confidence, and character only five percent earn the Gold Award , the highest award in Girl Scouts.

As a Daisy Scout learning about the basics Girl Scouts and the awards that can be earned such as Bronze, Silver, and the Gold award senior Neha Kapur said she was just in awe what she could accomplish through Girl Scouts. Kapur is now a Girl Scouts Ambassadors and it has given her the opportunity to be eligible for the Gold Award. Senior Bryn Goldsmith likewise received the award on May 19. Katarina Freudenthal, who does not attend Lovejoy but is a member of the same troop, received her the award as well.

“Now that I’ve done it and received the award it feels very special,” Kapur said. “I feel pretty honored to get it and I’m proud of what I’ve done.”

To receive the Gold Award, one must plan and execute an individual “Take Action” project that is about a community issue that they care about. Goldsmith developed and  implemented several Bible studies which a group of leaders and herself taught to a group of students. Kapur hosted first aid workshops geared towards children from K-4.

“Girl Scouts developed me into a leader and taught me the importance of community service as well as kindness,” Goldsmith said.  “It also introduced me to a group of girls who were individually different but could come together as a team and became some of my closest friends. There are so many important lessons Girl Scouts taught me that I am grateful for.”

Kapur’s mother, Avnee Kapur, said her daughter has experienced great friendships, adventures, and sisterhood through being a Girl Scout and evenmore she has gotten success, achievements, awards.

“I was on the top of the world,” Avnee said. “I am so proud and so lucky to have a wonderful daughter who is beautiful, intelligent and fun to be around. She is destined to do great things in life.”

Kapur said she has had problems with not having enough confidence in herself since she was really younger.

“But over the years Girl Scouts has really opened me up to believing in myself and making me realize that I can do things on my own,” Kapur said. “That I have the power to actually make a change and it’s mind blowing.”