Leopard Look: Sarah Dunham

‘I like learning about foreign culture and what people are doing to take action and solve issues that plague multiple parts of the planet.’


Carter Bryant

Senior Sarah Dunham talks about her role in the Junior World Affairs Council and how it can impact students.

 At a Glance:

Favorite hobby: Violin/Music.

Favorite T.V. show: Parks and Rec.

Favorite food: Pizza.

Favorite superhero: Batman.

Extracurriculars: Music, the Allen Teen Arts Council, Chinese National Honor Society, and the Junior World Affairs Council.

Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: What is the Junior World Affairs Council?

Sarah Dunham: The goal of JWAC is to educate high school students on global issues and phenomena, while also fostering young global leaders who are socially and culturally competent. We go to lectures offered exclusively by the World Affairs Council based in Dallas, super cool events like International Career Day and WorldQuest, and attend webinars on specific topics.

TRL: What does being the president entail?

SD: Being the president means that i have to communicate information from the WAC to our chapter of JWAC, organize and plan educational events, provide anyone with service learning and service hours, and expand students’ knowledge of global topics.

TRL: How did you first get involved with JWAC?

SD: I first heard about it from Mr. Eairheart and thought it sounded pretty cool. I also just started to become friends with the then-president Elizabeth Jowers, so she also persuaded me to join.

TRL: What is your favorite thing about being in JWAC?

SD: My favorite thing about JWAC is probably the variety. You can go to these lectures and attend all these events with the knowledge that there will always be something that you are interested in being talked about. Like me personally, I don’t have any interest in politics or government functions and all that. I like learning about foreign culture and what people are doing to take action and solve issues that plague multiple parts of the planet. I can always count on there being something interesting that I, and anyone else, can engage in.

TRL: What would you tell people who are interested in JWAC?

SD: For those interested in JWAC, I would tell them first that it’s a great way to receive information on topics you didn’t even know existed, but are important all the same, Second, if you need service hours we got you covered. Third, if you are seeking opportunities such as internships, scholarships, and study abroad programs, we also got you covered. Finally, if you are a genuinely curious person who wants to learn something new, join. There’s no harm in it, and we’re not a demanding club. You can show up to a meeting here and there, maybe get involved in some of our activities, but other than that we don’t aim to take time out of students’ schedules.