Choir caravans to Cinderella’s castle


Stephanie Thomson, Staff Reporter

This weekend, the voices of Lovejoy will be heard in an exciting new venue– Disneyworld. The choir leaves today after C-lunch for Florida, where they will spend the weekend exploring Universal Studios and getting their thrills at Disneyworld. Their fantastic trip to the famous amusement park isn’t just about amusement, however.

“We got into a competition, and we’re going to go sing and compete with other schools,” sophomore Whitney Hyde said.

The idea for a trip like this has been in the works for a while. Head Choir Director Bethany Green has heard a lot of positive feedback about this type of trip, so she solidified her decision to take the ensemble.

“I have a lot of choir director friends who have taken this particular trip before, and they’ve said it’s just a blast. This is a really great opportunity for the kids to sing for a competition and have a good time,” Green said.

Being able to take this opportunity and to compete in such an area means a lot to the choir, and even to the district, because Festival Disney is a highly reputable contest.

“I think we’re going to sing beautifully. It’s going to depend on them all just putting their heads in the game and putting a lot of musicality into the songs they already know,” Green said.

The choir hasn’t been able to spend as much time on their Festival Disney contest songs because of their focus on their upcoming UIL competition. Their new environment may also provide significant distractions in their competitive atmosphere on Saturday morning. Despite all this, however, the choir is confident in their flexibility and isn’t concerned about how the change in scenery will affect their performance.

“I think that the choir kids are really adaptable,” Green said. “We do performances at Custer Road, and UIL is always all over the place, so they are always ready to perform in whatever venue and whatever space.”

The choir kids will be on a charter bus throughout the night and will arrive in Disney World tomorrow morning. Their competition is on Saturday and they will return Monday evening.