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Noah Naidoo
The Noah Naidoo...too much to say. This is Noah’s second year on the LNN Staff as a videographer. He is a multisport athlete, playing football, basketball and baseball while also coaching on his little brother’s baseball team in the spring. This 17-year-old kid is one for the books. He is one of the shortest kids on the football team, but managed to make varsity as a sophomore. He plays video games in his free time, but he hates the argument of which is better Ps4 or Xbox. (but if he had to answer he would say Wii). Noah dreams of going pro in a sport and making enough money to where his mom and dad don’t have to work, and his wife can be a stay-at-home mother. He also says if that dream doesn’t become reality, which is not true, he will become a cardiovascular surgeon and fulfill his dreams that way. His favorite movie is “Creed”, starring Micheal B. Jordan, and Noah would do anything to be in that movie himself. Noah also loves the world of rap, ranging from 2 Pac to Lil Baby. Noah loves to see the people that struggle to always get attention, come out the mud and make a name for themselves. That's exactly what Noah plans to do with his life career.

Noah Naidoo, LNN Reporter

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Noah Naidoo