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Matthew Norwood
Matthew Norwood is a school senior and newspaper sophomore. He keeps himself busy, and likes to do other things to give himself an idea of what he should be looking out for while on the newspaper staff. Extracurriculars include debate, quiz bowl, and history bowl, and he’s been in both football and orchestra during prior years of high school.

When he isn’t at school, Matthew is probably out adventuring with friends. He has a knack for urban exploration, especially enjoying abandoned places. He may also be at home with his three cats or two dogs, or simply eating.

Matthew writes mostly opinions, which are generally about random things which occur in his life or the beliefs that he has. Most of these beliefs come from debate, as he has to deal with a lot of different philosophies while studying for tournaments. He would love to branch out and do new things, as he thinks he can do a lot for the newspaper and improve from his impact last year. Photography would be an option, or even something such as features or sports, basically anywhere you can put him to work and make him useful.

On his last year, Matthew has a lot to do. College applications are not the most fun thing in the world, and for whatever reason he is taking more AP classes now than in junior year, with six to tally. Nevertheless, Matthew is happy to be a part of the staff and hopes he can do his best for its already esteemed credibility.

Matthew Norwood, Staff Writer

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