Students compete against nation in History Bowl Championship

Sydney Wong, Staff Reporter

Teams from across the nation will be meeting in Washington D.C. this weekend, all of them vying for the History Bowl Championship. This year’s team includes junior Noah Corbitt and seniors John Haynes, Kerry Joiner, Jolen Martinez, Matthew Norwood, and Austin Tedman, and all five team members will be competing on April 22-24.

All five team members will be competing on April 22-24. Prizes for the top placing teams include trophies, plaques, and partial or full scholarships in order to attend the International History Olmypiad on July 17-24 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The History Bowl is a national competition encompassing five events which all test a competitor’s knowledge over history, geography, or sports and entertainment history. The five events also give competitors a chance to work as a team, in bowls, and as individuals, in bees.

“The bowl is really fun cause you’re in a team, so everyone’s working together,” senior Matthew Norwood said. “It’s not stressful because everyone will be working together to make sure you do well.”

Aside from the fact that the team will be able to spend their first day of arrival exploring Washington D.C., Norwood is also excited for the actual competition.

“The sports and entertainment bee, I’m the only [from the team] in that, and it’s just a fun, relaxing thing,” Norwood said.

The team has been preparing for this upcoming event in a variety of ways.

“We’ve been practicing once a week for a few months now,” senior Austin Tedman said.

Most of the practices are spent with co-sponsors and coaches Beverly Smith and Jason Taylor.

“We go to Mr. Taylor’s and do an hour worth of bowl where we’re in two teams and then bee where we’re individual,” Norwood said. “We run through a question packet that they have online for us.”

Additionally, the History Bowl is attempting place higher in the competition than the school’s teams of previous years.