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Column: Before I came to high school

Senior Matthew Norwood reflects on how he’s changed in the past 4 years
Stu Mair
Senior Matthew Norwood learned a lot of things in high school, and not all of them were part of the curriculum.

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of farewells from some of the seniors on The Red Ledger staff.

Before I came to high school, I thought all girls were princesses and that they were simply a figment of the male imagination. Took me a while to figure that one out.

Before I came to high school, I thought school was meant for friends and home was meant for video games; seriously, I spent like a year alone in my game room. I didn’t even notice how sad it was, so it was actually pretty fun.

Before I came to high school, all of my friends came from the sports I played: football, tennis, basketball, you name it. Now all of my friends come from my academic events, and strangely enough I’ve actually lost weight. I don’t know how that happens.

Before I came to high school, I’m pretty sure that gay only had one meaning to me and it wasn’t the right one. I doubt I had even ever talked to a gay person, let alone pondered about their place in society.

Before I came to high school, I was a Republican. Now I have to hide from my family when we start talking politics.

Before I came to high school, I never had to do any homework. I got away with that in high school too, but the point is I should’ve been doing my homework.

Before I came to high school, every adult I met was greeted with a sir and a ma’am. I still use that when I need to, but I think it’s fair to say I have enough friends beyond my age to stop worrying that everything is about some age-based hierarchy.

Before I came to high school, I thought X was the 24th letter of the alphabet and not the scourge of my existence. My first C came in precalculus, when I finally realized I was completely wrong.

Before I came to high school, I thought math was a thing, then I went to chemistry and learned about significant figures.

Before I came to high school, I had no idea what I was doing. The only thing that has changed through my four years in high school is that I have less of an idea of what I am doing.

Before I came to high school, I didn’t care what other people thought of me. I miss that.

Since I came to high school, though, I’ve found the world. The entire world? No. Lovejoy is a little too homogeneous to call for that. I have, however, learned things I never would have imagined existed, I’ve met people I could’ve never thought about being best friends with, and I’ve made memories I would never want to forget.

Before I came to high school I was a little kid; now I’m about to enter the real world, and after four years, I feel ready to make the leap.

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About the Contributors
Matthew Norwood, Staff Writer
Matthew Norwood is a school senior and newspaper sophomore. He keeps himself busy, and likes to do other things to give himself an idea of what he should be looking out for while on the newspaper staff. Extracurriculars include debate, quiz bowl, and history bowl, and he’s been in both football and orchestra during prior years of high school. When he isn’t at school, Matthew is probably out adventuring with friends. He has a knack for urban exploration, especially enjoying abandoned places. He may also be at home with his three cats or two dogs, or simply eating. Matthew writes mostly opinions, which are generally about random things which occur in his life or the beliefs that he has. Most of these beliefs come from debate, as he has to deal with a lot of different philosophies while studying for tournaments. He would love to branch out and do new things, as he thinks he can do a lot for the newspaper and improve from his impact last year. Photography would be an option, or even something such as features or sports, basically anywhere you can put him to work and make him useful. On his last year, Matthew has a lot to do. College applications are not the most fun thing in the world, and for whatever reason he is taking more AP classes now than in junior year, with six to tally. Nevertheless, Matthew is happy to be a part of the staff and hopes he can do his best for its already esteemed credibility.
Stu Mair, Photo Editor
Stu Mair has been taking pictures of things for years, but has only been on The Red Ledger’s staff for a year. Now the editor of the photo department, he ensures that noteworthy events receive coverage from the Red Ledger. Stu splits his time between several extracurriculars, which has severely adverse effects to his amount of sleep. He is passionate about many things, and photography is one of those things. When he isn’t standing on the sideline taking photos of various sporting events, he can be found reading textbooks or chilling by the pool. Stu is sad that his high school career and his time at the Red ledger is coming to an end, but he is also excited to head to college and turn over a new page in life.

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