Review: ¨The Super Mario Bros. Movie” was surface level


Courtesy of Deadline

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” released on April 5. TRL’s Addy McCaffity shares her take on the film’s success.

On April 5, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” opened in theaters and was everything I expected, but left me wanting more. This movie has a stacked cast starring Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Peaches and Jack Black as Bowser. In the movie, Mario and his brother, Luigi are plumbers and they are trying to help fix the city that’s overflowing. They go underground to the sewers to try and protect the city, and they get transported to the classic Mario City that everyone knows once they see it. The only thing is when they were getting transported there Mario and Luigi the unstoppable duo got separated and Luigi was left in danger! The rest of the movie Mario goes through all of the levels we see in the games to try and win back his brother.

On his journey, Mario meets Peaches who plays a big role in this film. I like how Peaches helps lead the way to help Mario, and it’s not the other way around. This movie was good, but because I have played the game before I knew everything that was going to happen, which left me constantly picking up my phone the whole time. There were funny parts that were more for teenagers, but kind of how I expected this movie to be for kids. I don’t know why I went in with such high expectations, that it was going to be so funny because it was so surface-level and a little kiddy. 

Something really well done in this movie was the casting. My friends and I were dying laughing when we heard Jack Black talk and sing as Bowser. Chris Pratt as Mario was a really good choice as well because they made it seem as if Mario has everyday struggles too, even though he’s a cartoon. His voice was perfect for the role and I have no critiques for this part of the movie.

I think if you were a bigger fan than me of the Mario games you would very much enjoy this movie because you kind of get to see the behind-the-scenes of how every scenario in the game happened. From the perspective of my theater, little kids enjoyed this, and millennials that clearly grew up playing the game enjoyed it. Honestly, there is not much at all to digest with this movie. It honestly just gave me and my friends something to do, but we were not intrigued for the majority of the movie.

Rating: 4/10