‘A Man Called Otto’ touches hearts unexpectedly


Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

Addy Mccaffity delves into the complexity of the movie “Man Called Otto.” While some scenes were emotionally heavy, the movie was a beautiful story of life and love.


Bittersweet is the perfect word to describe the new film ¨A Man Called Otto” released Jan. 13. Otto, played by Tom Hanks, was introduced as the grumpy old man of the neighborhood who rejects any form of kindness from anyone. There are reasons for his bad moods though, early in the film we learn his wife passed away, and he is being forced into retirement. Feeling like he has nothing left, Otto became more cranky then he had ever been, until a young couple moved in next door. This dynamic between the neighbors and Hanks really added to the comedic side of the film and created tender hearted moments. 

Personally this film pulled on my heart in more ways than I expected.  Going in I thought I was going to be sitting through 2 hours and 6 minutes of a grumpy old man movie, but it was so much more than that. The relationship built between Otto and the couple’s three little girls was what contributed to the lightheartedness of this movie. I also know I’m not the only one that this movie touched because practically the whole theater had at least a tear or two fall by the end of the film.

Looking back the movie wasn’t all sweet caring moments. There were also heavy moments that allowed the audience members to grieve with the characters, and that’s what made it even more relatable. This movie doesn’t hide from the truth that life can suck at times, and I appreciated that. Nowadays it is so hard to get a movie that tugs at your soul yet makes you laugh out loud all at the same time, and this movie encapsulated those two feelings perfectly.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about this movie is that the plot was a surprise. This has pros and cons. It’s good to go in not thinking you knew anything about the movie, but the trailer gave no clue whatsoever about what was going to happen. The “heavy”  moments I mentioned were truly heavy and could be a trigger for some people. I think the producers were trying to hide the ending of the film so much that they didn’t give us any idea about some of the key events that were going to happen.

Overall, this movie was almost perfect to me. Tom Hanks did it again. Thinking back, I didn’t get bored at all during the movie, and I was easily engaged, wanting to know more about how the film was going to play out. “A Man Called Otto” definitely deserves awards for 2023. 


Rating: 9/10