‘Spirited’ brings exciting twist to the classic story ‘A Christmas Carol’


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“Spirited,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, is a twist on Charles Dickens’ classic story, “A Christmas Carol.” TRl’s Addy McCaffity shares her thoughts on the film.

The new Christmas movie, “Spirited,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, brought an uncommon twist on Charles Dickens’ classic story, “A Christmas Carol.” This movie brought us through the regular theme of “A Christmas Carol” where three ghosts, the ghost of Christmas past, present and future haunts the bitter main character, Clint (Ryan Reynolds), into having love in his heart for the Christmas season. In this movie, Will Ferrell is the ghost of a Christmas present and takes Clint through his life full of bad decisions to make him realize that he has been an awful person. Throughout the movie, there is a lot of character development and countless funny one-liners.

The thing that made this rendition of “A Christmas Carol” special was it was also a musical. Many professional dancers from around the country came together as the chorus and filled every scene with dancing and singing which brought life to this film. Each song was executed beautifully, and it was very refreshing to have new Christmas songs even though the classics are great. It was also hilarious to see Ferrell and Reynolds try to keep up with all of the pro dancers. 

Many people have said the two bros, Ferrell and Reynolds hit all the wrong notes whilst singing in the musical, but I have to disagree. You would expect two middle-aged men to not have the best voice with little to no experience, but you can tell they really worked to make sure the sounds blended together to not overdo it. 

Something that made me love this movie was how it can be relatable. We all mess up in life, but the ghost of Christmas present showed viewers how our past can be hard to face, but we have to let it go and explore our new destinies. Ferrell and Reynolds work really well together to kind of show that sibling/father-son bond and show the change in feeling through Clint. 

When I first started this movie, I was worried that the plot would get lost in a jumble of different storylines and the extra commentary would make it even more confusing to keep up with, but the middle to end clears everything up and makes the movie so much more likable. Movies that make you think a little are always better because you want to know what happens next and Spirited is full of that.

Looking back, this movie was everything I expected and more. Nothing made me regret watching it, and I would watch it again.

Rating: 8.5/10