The new ‘Black Panther’ follows in the footsteps of the first


Courtesy of DisneyPlus

TRL’s Addy Mccaffity reviews the new Black Panther ‘Wakanda Forever.’ The movie balanced grief and light-heartedness.

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is packed with action, emotion and loss. The MCU (Marvel cinematic universe) made this film as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman and they executed it perfectly. The movie takes us through the grief and loss of Wakanda Black Panther, also known as Chadwick Boseman.

Black Panther’s sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright), handles the challenges of leading Wakanda and not letting her people down. Seeing her navigate this challenging time in life is moving and this part of the movie touched my heart. There are many times in the film that caused me to tear up, and seeing Shuri struggle was one of them.

The central aspect that makes this movie thrive is the grief, but there were also some moments that were lighthearted. Seeing the relationship and bond between Shuri and her mother made some hard moments not as bad. This movie also explored how people handle loss differently. It showed the stages of grief through many different characters and that was something that kept me tuned in. 

A flaw of this film was it felt as if the plot was overstuffed in a way. What I mean by this is instead of one villain and one bad thing happening in the movie there were at least four different things happening at once and it was hard to keep up at times. One second it would go from a celebration and the next thing you know a fight scene was happening. The multiple plots also influenced the run time, which was also annoying. 

The run time was 2 hours and 40 minutes and some people may love that, but whatever happened to a good 90-minute movie? There was definitely a way the writers and directors could have avoided the movie from dragging on that long.

Even with all of the plots happening at once, something I enjoyed was how they were all resolved one way or another. Most weren’t the way I was expecting, but they were all perfect for the ending, and I believe there will be a black panther three. 


Rating: 7/10