“Ticket to Paradise¨ seems targeted towards Generation X


TRL’s Addy Mccaffity reviews the romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise.” The movie fits into common romantic tropes and is better suited for Generation X and Millennials.

“Ticket to Paradise” starring George Clooney (David) and Julia Roberts (Georgia) was a classic rom-com, but seems targeted towards the generation above us. This movie takes us through a divorced couple just trying to be there for their daughter; however, they can’t help but argue the whole time. Kaityln Dever (Lily) in this film recently graduated from law school and decided to take a trip to Bali with her best friend before heading into the real world. 

While she was on her trip away she met her future lover, Gede. When David and Georgia got the email from Lily saying she was getting married to someone she just met, they knew what they had to do. David and Georgia booked a flight to Bali to sabotage the wedding so Lily didn’t make the same mistake they did 25 years ago.

As the movie started, the beginning was satisfying but dull. It gave us the background information, but it would’ve been a good time for the jokes during the boring dialogue. The plot was set. It was predictable to know what was going to happen in the end, but it was still enjoyable along the way. I also liked seeing how much Lily enjoyed the culture of Bali and seeing how she adapted to living there with her fiance.

A major downside of this movie was that it was clearly targeted towards the Generation X or Millennial generation. I say this because our parents are the ones who grew up with Clooney and Roberts in their romantic comedies, not us. I was more interested in seeing how Lily’s relationship was going to end rather than if David and Georgia were going to fall back in love. Another negative was that the trailer showed all of the ¨hysterical¨ moments of the film and left the overplayed, repetitive jokes for the actual movie. 

On the other hand, the scenery in this movie was beautiful, and it makes you believe that Bali is an easy place to fall in love. The culture of people who live in Bali was clearly shared through the screen, and it was an unexpected add on to see the wedding process for someone who lives there. “Ticket to Paradise” gave huge “Mama Mia” vibes which helped me stay tuned into the film as well. I liked how much this movie followed the classic romantic comedy plot line, because you knew in the end all would be well, but I wish the writers would have added in some sort of plot twist into the script before filming.

Overall this movie left me wanting more, but also filled the classic romantic comedy side of me. If you are a fan of movies you don’t have to be on the edge of your seat for, then it’s worth going to see this in theaters.


Rating: 5/10