Review: Do Watch “Do Revenge”


Courtesy of Heaven of Horror

TRL’s Addy McCaffity shares her thoughts on Netflix’s “Do Revenge.” The film released September 16 surrounding two new friends, Drea played by Camila Mendes and Eleanor played by Maya Hawke.

“Do Revenge” starring Camila Mendes (Drea) and Maya Hawke (Eleanor) released on September 16 brought emotion and passion to Netflix original movies. The Newfound friends both need major revenge on their exes, Max and Carissa, who shattered their hearts. Their only problem is they can’t do it themselves or they’ll get caught. They agreed to enact revenge on each other’s exes in hopes of ruining their futures. 

Throughout the story we see the girls struggling to give Max and Carissa the revenge that they need. The plot takes us through blood, sweat and tears fighting to get even. New relationships are formed and some are broken. This movie does a really good job showing every side of each character’s perspective and each role was cast perfectly. 

At first, this movie seemed super predictable until the last thirty minutes. Plot twists happened minute after minute. This really added to the overall plot and put me on the edge of my seat. Without these twists and turns, the movie would’ve been way less exciting. Even with the quirky scenes in the movie, the film followed the classic cliche teenage comedy that I appreciated.

One thing that I didn’t appreciate from this film was how they tried to add a lot of feminism and patriarchy add ins, but it got to be too much when they brought it up every 10 minutes. I get they wanted everyone to be heard, but sometimes people want to watch movies to forget all about the political worries of today. This movie had the teens worrying about it as well, and it was unnecessary. 

Another plus about this movie was the costumes. The wardrobe was beautiful and every outfit matched each character’s persona perfectly. The sparkles to the girly characters and the open buttoned shirts on the popular guys fit the film perfectly. 

All in all, this movie met my expectations and even succeeded a bit. 

Rating: 7/10