Joe Keery’s new album showcases unique voice, basic lyrics

Joe Keery, otherwise known as Steve Harrington from Stranger Things, released his new album, “Decide,” on Sept. 16. Keery releases music under the name of Djo after previously being a member of the band Post Animal. As of now, he has two albums out: “When I Think Of You in a Castle,” released in 2018, and “Twenty Twenty” released in 2019.  Both of these albums have a very upbeat and groovy vibe to them very similar to “Rex Orange County.” Based on the three singles Keery released in “Decide,” this vibe will continue, but maybe with a twist.

The three singles have crunchy robotic effects that the other two albums lack. I love this new twist and I feel like it adds something to the generic indy pop music that is mainstream these days.

One single named “Gloom” has more of an eerie, ominous effect. The way he sings in this song is more dragged out and rock and roll sounding. A lot of people enjoy how this sounds, but I think it ruins the vibe, especially when compared to the other new songs. Frankly, his voice sounds fake and auto-tuned in this song. A good thing about  “Gloom” is that the background beats hit so hard it can be distracting from Keery’s voice when he drags out each word. 

Another single, “Figure You Out,” starts slow and then gains a beat in the first couple of seconds which is really cool. This song is my favorite from “Decide” that he’s released so far. The last single he released before the complete album came out is “Change”. This song is my least favorite of the three singles because the beats in the background with loud guitar tracks distract from the lyrics completely and make it so the singing just sounds like mumbling.

Keery says “Decide,” takes listeners through his late twenties and the challenges they brought. Keery wanted this album to help others disconnect from reality and stop themselves from being fake to the world. Showing your true self because you have no time to waste is something that Keery lives by. 

Overall Joe Keery has a unique voice, but very similar vibes to many other artists. I think he is growing in his musicality and style as he continues to make albums, and his music is getting better by the song. I’m excited to see what the rest of “Decide” has in store.


Rating: 7/10