Review: It’s time to ‘BeReal’


Katy Daugherty

New trending app “BeReal” gained popularity over the summer. TRL’s Natalie Yarad shares her opinion on “BeReal.”

BeReal is an app released in early 2020 by French creator Alexis Barreyat. Users receive a notification at a random time once a day saying “Time to BeReal,” opening up a two-minute window for the user to post a picture of what they are currently doing.” The purpose of this app is to show your friends and other users a non-filtered or staged image of yourself. This shows users a view into your real life and its real parts, hence the name “BeReal.”

Many would say that the “two-minute” time window is addictive and is a marketing tool for the developers because users are not held to the standard of having to open the app in that time frame. Many people don’t answer it at the time of the notification or just wait until later on when the time is more convenient. We asked freshman Emory Hoover if she answers it right away or waits until the timing is better. “I like to wait if it’s at a boring time and if I’m not doing anything but if I’m doing something fun then I will take it when the notification comes,” Hoover said.

Although this app came out two years ago, it has only recently gained popularity. Many college students started using this app around campus and from there it continued to spread. Many people use “BeReal” on a daily basis but what are the safety concerns surrounding this app? “As a parent of a tween who is dying to have his own social media, I love the concept behind the ‘BeReal’ app,” said Parents. For those concerned with the mental health aspect of this app, “BeReal” is a healthier choice since it does not allow any user to gain popularity through likes, shares or comments. BeReal said they were aiming to create “an alternative to addictive social networks” by giving users the chance to show friends who they really are in an authentic way. “‘BeReal’ won’t make you famous; if you want to become an influencer, you can stay on TikTok and Instagram.” 

While parents may be concerned about how “BeReal” is using the information that it collects from its users, “BeReal” follows French law. Since “BeReal” was designed in France, “BeReal” states that they process personal data in accordance with French law. France is part of the EU, which follows the world’s strictest personal data rules. Their privacy policy states that they are transparent about what information they collect from all users ensuring a safe and fun app for all ages.  

“BeReal” is going to continue to grow but it is expected that it will not change much to keep its traditional development. Although the app has rough patches with glitches and bugs, “BeReal” is working to fix and improve these issues. Ultimately, many teens and parents love this app and think it is a fun new alternative to social media.