Rounding up the Top Movies of the Summer


Ryann Daugherty

Many movies came out this summer. TRL’s Addy McCaffity shares some her favorites.

The summer of ‘22 had some of the most uplifting exciting movies yet, including “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Elvis,” “Minions” and more. Here are my top movies of the summer!

“Top Gun: Maverick” 

 “Top Gun: Maverick” was the nostalgic, exciting movie that we all needed to start the summer off. It showed Tom Cruise coming back to train new graduates there way around aircrafts and how to complete missions. I enjoyed the fast paced speed of the movie and how there was no time to lose interest. This movie shows friendship, loyalty, romance and even the amusing bromance (between Cruise and Miles Teller) which helps carry the storyline along.


“Minions: the Rise of Gru” starring Steve Carrell showed the famous character, Gru, as a little boy for the first time. We follow him around as he tries to make a name for himself as a supervillian but on the way gets kidnapped so the minions come to save him. This movie was the biggest let down of the summer for me. The only fun thing about it was the trend where teenage boys all around the country dressed up in suits and screamed for the movie. It even got so much attention people threw bananas at the screen. On the other hand, if you got a dry theater this movie did not meet up to the expectations. It was slow, unoriginal and unsatisfactory.

“Where the Crawdads Sing”

 Based on the best selling book “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens, this movie follows the story of Kya Clark growing up in the marsh of North Carolina without a family. She slowly becomes self dependent living in the marsh, which helps her slowly introduce herself into society but slowly finds herself involved in a murder mystery. The book is usually better than the movie, and in this case that is true. Clark’s appearance in the movie isn’t as realistic as one would imagine with her living situation. The highlight of the film for me was hearing the voice of the iconic Taylor Swift sing in the background of the movie.


The now A-list Austin Butler took on the challenge of impersonating the rock ‘n roll icon Elvis Presley. The movie walks us through Elvis’s rise to fame and the troubles it took to get there. This movie was everything I hoped it would be. You could definitely tell Austin Butler devoted the past couple of years of his life to perfecting this role. I do think it’s a little weird that he still talks and acts like Elvis to this day, but if he practiced that for two years, it makes sense.

“Thor: Love and Thunder”

The return of the beloved Thor, Chris Hemsworth, made his way back to the silver screen on July 8th. This movie took us through Thor’s journey of getting back into shape and saving the children in his town’s lives from the evil Gorr the God Butcher. Personally, this movie was a 5/10 for me. I loved the humor of Thor and his journey to self discovery, but the movie was also predictable and slow. There were many scenes that weren’t necessary for the plot line. Another part that ruined the movie for me was that Marvel advertised this film as the Guardians of the Galaxy being a big role for the plot, but they were only present for about 10 minutes out of the whole two hour movie.

All in all this summer had some great movies, but I am looking forward to what this fall and winter season has in store!