Review: Gamble of a night


Ryann Daugherty

Prom was Saturday at Southfork Ranch. Some loved it, and others didn’t feel the same. TRL’s Eleanor Koehn shares her experience and thoughts of prom.

The high school’s 2022 prom was held on April 2 at Southfork Ranch. Juniors and seniors hit the dance floor, played some casino games and celebrated the near end of the school year. Those who didn’t attend may be wondering how the event actually turned out, and I have accepted the challenge of reviewing it. I will answer the question: was the prom worth the hype, or was it a waste of time?

When the location for the prom was announced, controversy amongst the students emerged. While some celebrated the location and proximity to Lucas and surrounding areas, others believed that an event of such caliber deserved an equally important venue. Admittedly, when I found out that prom was going to be held at Southfork, I was a little disappointed. I have heard past stories of prom being held in Downtown Dallas, amongst the likes of the Dallas Aquarium and the Museum of Arts. I also felt sympathetic for the seniors who had to endure their last prom being canceled and were now scheduled for a somewhat subpar barn. 

Putting all those previous notions aside, when I entered into the prom, I was completely hopeful that my experience would be positive. The venue was at an extremely close location, allowing students to avoid potentially dangerous driving on major highways. Although I arrived an hour late to prom, when I entered I was surprised to find that nobody was dancing. Most students were hovering around, waiting for the DJ to increase the volume or play music that was actually notable. I ventured over to the blackjack and poker side of the room, where round tables were set up with dealers and chips. The tables were overflowing with people, and it was extremely hard to get a seat. 

After about thirty minutes at the prom, the DJ finally introduced himself to the students. He started the music off with the Cupid Shuffle. Although this dance is fun, the music lasted far too long and should have transitioned into another song quicker. The other music was also a little bit outdated for my tastes, with many records of One Direction, Kesha and Taylor Swift. While these songs are classics, a mix of these fun oldies with current rap hits would have been preferable. Although the song selection was strange at times, many students took to the dance floor and enjoyed the rest of their night. 

Prom isn’t simply a one night event, and the school attempted to hype up the dance through a week of themed dress up days. The themes were: denim vs. grout fit, trail mix tuesday, wild west wednesday, future day and group shirt/fancy friday. I have been in high school for close to three years now and in that time, encountered a plethora of different theme days. I found it difficult to partake in some days, and it seems the rest of the student body agreed with this sentiment. I would estimate that roughly 2% of the juniors and seniors actually participated in the theme days.

Prom is something that every little kid looks forward to since it’s portrayed in movies and TV shows as the epitome of high school. A long-lasting celebration, a gathering of close friends dressed to the nines and music to fit the occasion. While I addressed some of the faults in the prom activities, there were also a lot of positives. The school did an excellent job securing a venue, despite rumors of cancellations. The poker was a huge success and many students spent the whole night playing fake poker and blackjack. The prom also offered caricatures and flipbook opportunities for students to capture the night. Although of course there were some flaws throughout the night, I prefer to look at the positive side of things. Prom was a hit. It encouraged students to spend a night being their best selves, full of happiness and positivity. Nothing is more successful than that.