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Review: The miracle of Miruku

Eleanor Koehn
Mikuru Creamery and Cafe is located in Downtown McKinney. TRL’s Eleanor Koehn reviews a few of their menu items.

Miruku Creamery and Cafe opened in the fall of 2021 and focuses on blending flavors from the east and west. They show their culinary approach to soft-serve through their seasonal flavors and use of organic, quality ingredients. Miruku’s building is located in downtown Mckinney, and it is not hard to spot. The outside of the building is painted a bright yellow color, which is carried throughout the entire store. 

When I first entered Miruku, most of the tables were full. I was surprised because it was 3:00 p.m. on a Sunday, a relatively quiet time in most other establishments. Their menu is quite small, with four specialty menu items and a build your own option. The four specialty items are piled with homemade toppings, fresh fruits and a croffle: a blend between a croissant and a waffle. One popular item that I saw customers ordering was a “Day Dream.” This was their famous Miruku Milk ice cream topped with Rainbow Crunch, a rolled chocolate wafer surrounded by cotton candy. The “Coffee Affogato” featured Miruku Milk ice cream, espresso, honeycomb dalgona and a waffle crisp. The “Chocolate Madness” had chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate cookie crumble and brownie chunks. 

Coffee and croffle (Eleanor Koehn)

I ordered the last special on the list, the “Berry Berry,” which had Miruku Milk Ice Cream, a homemade berry compote, crushed cornflake and a croffle. My mom ordered a croffle with a coffee. Although the menu is more expensive than the average frozen yogurt restaurant, the quality and quantity of ingredients make up for it.

“Berry Berry” (Eleanor Koehn)

The ice cream and coffee came out fast, less than a three-minute wait. When I first took a bite of the “Berry Berry” special, I was startled by the obvious gourmet flavors. The milk ice cream may sound a little off-putting at first, but in reality, it perfectly contrasted against the sweetness of the berry compote. The flavor was subtly sweet and complemented by the addition of the fresh berries that were also homemade. The crushed corn flakes were relatively salty, which again led to a perfectly balanced palette. The pinnacle of the entire ice cream special for me was the croffle. It was still hot and blended the flakiness and butter of a croissant with the texture and structure of a waffle. 

I also decided to try out a few samples of other ice cream flavors. They currently have four flavors of ice cream: milk, dark chocolate, Thai tea, and dairy-free strawberry. I tried out Thai tea and dark chocolate. The owner made sure to mention that he steeps the Thai tea bags for 48 hours before making a soft-serve out of them which is evident in the taste of it. The Thai tea was my favorite flavor. It was refreshing and calming, and I can imagine eating it in the summer. Dark chocolate has a rich flavor that could be perfectly complemented with a chocolate cookie crumble topping. 

Miruku Creamery and Cafe is not an average ice cream shop. If you are looking for a sweetness explosion or a large variety of toppings, Miruku is not the place to go. The owners value the gourmet aspect of ice cream and their flavors reflect that. I would recommend this shop for anybody looking to appreciate satisfying ingredients or for an Instagram-able dessert.

Rating: 10/10

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About the Contributor
Eleanor Koehn
Eleanor Koehn, Section Editor
Although Eleanor Koehn is a senior, this is only her second year on staff and her first as Arts and Entertainment Editor. When she is not reviewing and/or critiquing restaurants and movies for TRL, Koehn enjoys running for the cross country team. If you see her dying at Celebration Park… pretend you didn’t. Koehn has a strong love for fall football, preferably for a SEC team of some kind. When an SEC game isn’t on, Koehn will be pretending that the Cowboys are going to have a “comeback season” and promising people that they are good this year. Besides sports, Koehn loves 90s country music, Nashville hot chicken, Chipotle and volunteering at Allen Community Outreach. While she may be stressing about college applications and dorm deposits, she can’t wait to make her last year on Red Ledger the best. 

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