Review: Adele’s “Easy on Me” is open, raw


Adele released her lead single “Easy on Me” on October 15. TRL’s Audrey McCaffity said that “it is just as iconic as her past works.”

After last releasing an album in 2015, Adele released her lead single, “Easy on Me,” before her November release of “30.” The song has been consistently in the No. 1 streaming spot on Spotify since its release on Oct. 15. 

Adele has named each of her albums after the age in which she was writing them. Her upcoming album will focus on the time in her life where she was going through a new divorce, but she has stated that her break up will not be the only focus of the album. Her lead single, “Easy on Me,” focuses on heartbreak, but also the perspective she has on how the world will view her now that she is back in the public eye.

“Easy on Me,” starts with a very familiar intro. The beginning is very similar to past Adele songs opening with a simple piano sequence. This brings a sense of comfort to the song, as the listener knows to continue having high expectations going into the rest of the song. 

“When We Were Young,” one of Adele’s top songs from her most recent album (25), creates a similar vibe to “Easy on Me.” Both songs bring up Adele’s past though “Easy on Me” does not as openly discuss it. It displays the pain that she has gone through while asking the audience for patience and understanding. This song is just as iconic as her past works, and it no doubt fits perfectly into its fall release date.

The lyrics of “Easy on Me” are strong and catchy. Luckily, they seem to have the ability to get the listener to think instead of mindlessly hearing the same phrases over and over again. The song puts Adele’s sadness and apparent hesitation to appear back in the public eye after her divorce on display. It is open and raw letting listeners relate to it all. No matter what phase of life you are in, everybody has heartbreak, stress, or grief that they have felt, and this song can help put some of those feelings into perspective. 

On Nov. 19, Adele will release “30,” and I am sure it will be filled with songs that are just as amazing as this one. Overall, “Easy on Me” will be the perfect addition to any heartbreak or for lack of a better word sad playlist. It perfectly captures the strong, intense pain that awful things can cause and the grace that one asks for after events like these. 

Rating: A