Review: ‘Squid Game’ brings unique story to Netflix’s platform


‘Squid Game’ has become Netflix’s most watched series since its release on September 17. TRL’s Audrey McCaffity said that it “is so different from the basic shows Netflix often offers.”

Large amounts of debt have led many people in the world of “Squid Game,” to voluntarily compete for a chance at billions of dollars; however, their life is on the line. “Squid Game” is a Korean television show that first released onto Netflix on Sept. 17. In the weeks since it first premiered, it has become Netflix’s largest series release in its history. 

“Squid Game” follows the story of many characters fighting for a chance to change their life. The show’s most central character is Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a man who has lost everything due to his gambling problems. He decides to participate in the games without knowledge of the consequences that follow any failure. The many people that chose to be a part of this “program” participate in games from their childhood to move forward. The participants bond overtime, but run into constant betrayal and backstabbing. It becomes evident later on that the boss behind this project has very strict rules for how this organization is to run, and VIP’s are introduced to watch the remaining participants towards the end of the season. The finale of the show provided answers as to who was responsible for the program, but also ended with a couple of twists that were disappointing. 

First of all, “Squid Game” is so different from the basic shows Netflix often offers. It brings so much stress and tension to the viewer, but each episode changes the way in which it accomplishes this. Yes, they are almost all focused on a simple game; however, it also continues to further develop the background of the organization and the participants. 

An interesting aspect of the show is the absence of any sort of true hero or protagonist. It could be argued that Gi-hun being the main character was supposed to be, but the writers do a great  job of showing the flaws in all of the characters. With the way the season ended, it will be interesting to see what a second season looks like. While it is not confirmed that a second season is coming, it seems that based on the overall reaction of the public it is all but guaranteed. I’m sure the simple character outfits from the show will be seen come Halloween season as well. 

The finale episode was underwhelming compared to the rest of the season. For a show that requires almost constant attention to keep up with the plot, the “big reveal” that they do in the finale is not nearly as creative as it should be. Furthermore, the finale episode brings a more somber tone to the season ending, and while the show definitely has no happy elements in it to begin with, one would expect for some sort of more exciting resolution.

Overall, the show is extremely interesting and keeps viewers hooked throughout every episode. Though the finale was disappointing, the show is a must watch for anyone who wants a stressful yet entertaining show to watch. 

Rating: A-