Lana Del Rey’s returns with unique “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”


Courtesy of Youtube/LanaDelRey

Lana Del Rey released her album “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” on March 19. TRL’s James Mapes said Rey’s uniqueness is “conveyed through Rey’s storytelling.”

On March 19, 2021 singer Lana Del Rey returned with her new project “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” after a two year hiatus. The new album contains 11 songs that total for a running time of 45 minutes and 27 seconds. Lana Del Rey is known for her unique music that contrasts with others. This is because of her stray from music industry norms. 

Up first on “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” is “White Dress.”Something unique that is already noticeable about “White Dress” is that the song is unusually long. “White Dress” is a  five minute and 33 second song that definitely requires a specific taste to enjoy. Throughout the song there’s no rhyme scheme or similar theme. Rey seems to focus on storytelling in “White Dress’ rather than the rhyming or theme. The song was also very repetitive because of the chorus being repeated so much on a longer track. However, this is not to say that “White Dress” is not an enjoyable song. The track features a distinctive yet soulful singing effort from Rey that is bound to earn appreciation from the audience.

Next up on the album is the title track “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”. I found this one to be more enjoyable than the previous because of the echoing vocals from Rey, the building instrumentals, and the feeling it gives off when listening to. “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” has a special vibe to it that makes the listener feel comfortable. The comforting feeling comes from the low tone of the instruments that seem to have a calming effect.

After the title track, the next song on the album is “Wild At Heart.” This track is Rey reliving her youth through her lyrics, and emotional storytelling once again. Rey repeats over and over that she is “Wild At Heart.” Almost as if she is trying to convey something other than her just being an internally ‘wild’ person. The song is melodic, but not downhearted as a whole. This is represented when the lyrics sung on “Wild At Heart” aren’t downcast, but they feel as so because of the agony in Rey’s voice.

Last but not least, is the track “For Free” featuring Zella Day and Weyes Blood. Zella day is a singer/songwriter that makes alternative/indie music. Natalie Laura Mering, known professionally as Weyes Blood, is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who tends to make soft rock music. The four  minute song starts off with elegant piano playing combined with the same storytelling Rey has been using previously. A very apparent climb to the climax benefits the track making the listener lose track of time getting lost in the song. The fading of the song is met with a gorgeous high note from Rey that signifies the end of the album.

For an overall statement, I would say that Lana Del Rey’s new album “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” is fairly good. The feeling from the tracks combined with the amazing production creates an interesting listening experience that is unique. This uniqueness is apparent throughout the project and conveyed through Rey’s storytelling abilities while singing a song.

Rating: B-