Leopard Look: Riley Donovan


Olivia Lauter

Riley Donovan is the throwing coach for track and one of the football coaches at the high school. Donovan threw for the University of North Texas while in college.

Riley Donovan is the new throwing coach for the track team, and he teaches social sciences. He has been coaching for 5 years.

At a glance:

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Whataburger or Chick-Fil-A: Whataburger all the way

Favorite TV series: “Friday Night Lights” and “House of Cards”

Looking deeper:

The Red Ledger: Where did you compete in track? 

Riley Donovan: I threw shot put, discus, hammer throw, weight throw at the University of North Texas.

TRL: What aspects of track do you enjoy? Why? 

RD: I enjoy the self competition within track. You have to compete against yourself every meet, and within the throwing aspect, there is a big mental game to compete with. You have to be as strong as an offensive or defensive lineman but have great footwork/balance like a skilled player.

TRL: How did you first become interested in track? 

RD: My best friend from high school asked me to come throw.

TRL: What made you want to coach track? 

RD: My high school and college coaches. They were paramount in developing me as a high school athlete and throughout my collegiate career, not only developing my athletic ability but my habits, mindset,, and future drive to want to coach.

TRL: What is one of your most memorable experiences throwing in track? 

RD: My senior year, I was able to record top three marks in school history for the weight throw and hammer throw.

TRL: Do you have any prior coaching experience? 

RD: [I taught at] Porter High School one year, Wylie one year and Richardson High School two years.

TRL: What made you come and coach in the district? 

RD: A coach on staff, Marcus Trice, called me about the opportunity.

TRL: How long have you wanted to coach? 

RD: [Since] my sophomore year of college, after switching majors from business to kinesiology.

TRL: How has your experience in the district been so far? 

RD: Absolutely great. I love the district and the coaching staffs I am fortunate enough to be a part of. Go Leopards.