Review: New album released by country star Luke Combs


Courtesy of PNC Arena

TRL’s James Mapes said that Luke Combs’ album ‘What You See Is What You Get’ gives fans Combs’ “original vocals and songwriting.”

Country music hitmaker, Luke Combs, recently released his newest project, “What You See Is What You Get.” 

The most successful song so far is the last song on the album, “Forever After All.” The song has that classic, up-beat and fun Luke Combs style, with beautiful vocals  and a guitar that just makes you want to dance. The song focuses on great two loved ones being with each other forever.

There are plentiful reasons why Luke Combs is the hottest country music artist right now, but the main reason has to be his unique voice. The way Combs sings gives off passion by his deep and raspy voice, and you can tell he really gets into his songs. 

The most unique song on this album is “All Over Again,” which is a more country/pop song. This song is super catchy and has some great instrumentals playing in the background. It is perfect for those hot summer days. “All Over Again” is a song about reminiscing childhood and dealing with adulthood. It reminds the listener to enjoy the time that you have right now instead of worrying about a different point in your life. 

If you enjoy Luke Combs’s music, you will adore the song “Six Feet Apart.” This is a more diverse side of Combs that fans rarely see. This song is wholesome on the outside, but the lyrics are dark and overbearing.

An extremely pure song on this album would be “Dear Today”. The song starts with Luke Combs backed up from the mic and singing softly, which gives you a feeling of sitting around a campfire, playing the guitar and having fun. This song includes self-love, a mommas boy, and some gut wrenching lyrics about a breakup. 

A very enjoyable song, “What You See is What You Get,” has some high vocals, an upbeat guitar and a great drummer. This song is also about romance, but also just Combs being honest with himself and understanding what is great about him, and no one else.

Song “Better Together” catches Luke Combs talking about his hometown, and expressing that some things just go together better than others. A slow, romantic song that includes some great piano instrumentals that pairs perfectly with the raspiness of Luke Combs voice.

Overall, “What You See Is What You Get” gives Luke Combs’ fans the classic Combs that everyone loves: some new unique music and his original vocals and songwriting. An album that will be remembered by teens and adults alike is why Combs is trending right now. This is an enjoyable album, chock-full of classic country for anyone to listen to. However, if you do not like country music, this wouldn’t be the best starter album for you to listen to. The only improvement tips for Luke Combs on this album are to have more upbeat songs. 

Rating: B+