Leopard Look: Lia Hopkinson


Katie Dolberry

Outside of being president of student council, Senior Lia Hopkinson is in PALS and runs cross country.

Senior Lia Hopkinson is president of student council this year, and she participates in various other clubs and organizations at the school. TRL’s Lily Bouldin interviewed Hopkinson about her work on student council and her other officer roles.

At A Glance: 

Favorite restaurant: ChopShop

Favorite dog breed: Golden retrievers and corgis

Coffee order: Iced lavender latte

Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: What is your position on the student council (STUCO) this year? 

Lia Hopkinson: I am the president of student council. 

TRL: Why is this position important to you? 

LH: Even through elementary school, when we were first able to have a student council, I was always in it, and I loved being in it. There’s something about being involved in the school and organizing things that I like. I just like the feeling of being in control of things. I like to take charge and get things done. 

TRL: What are some of the roles you must take on as a STUCO president?

LH: As STUCO president, I have been in charge of homecoming. I have been in charge of all the nominations, and the court stuff that is going on. We are having a community pep rally for homecoming court. We are trying to make the best of the situation because a lot of things we are trying to do got shut down. We are making homecoming as fun as possible, given the COVID-19 circumstances we are given. 

TRL: How long have you been in student council, and what positions have you served?

LH: In terms of highschool, I got into student council my freshman year. I have been in student council since elementary school. Last year, I was an officer. My first two years, I was a representative. My junior year, I was the historian, and this year, I am the president. 

TRL: What part of this program makes you proud? 

LH: I think as a leader of a student council, a lot of people look up to you for information and someone who does a lot of hard work. We have a good reputation of people that others can go to. I’m proud as a student council member to be a part of something like that, where other people can look to you for help. The ultimate goal in this life I’m living is to put others above myself. I think being in student council shows the hard work I put in to put others above myself. 

TRL: What are the other clubs you are involved in?

LH: I am in NHS. I’m also a part of Key Club this year. I was an officer in the Key Club. I love doing service work, so it’s not hard for me to be a part of those clubs. I am the president of LARK (Lovejoy Acts of Random Kindness) this year. I took it over this year, and we are doing good. We are doing a lot of virtual things and distant things. I am also trying out the Women in Business club this year. 

TRL: How does being involved in activities outside of STUCO contribute to your ability to be president? 

LH: I think being a part of all the different things have brought gifts out of me and shown me different ways of growth and learning. In STUCO, we try to take into account the different leaders on campus. Being a part of all these clubs helps me see the different leaders and see what their true values are. Being a part of different clubs where I get to serve people, spread kindness or learn about business helps me with handling the different people in STUCO and working with them better. 

TRL: What legacy do you hope to leave behind? 

LH: I hope to leave a legacy behind of being someone who is known for putting others above myself. I know that I want to help others, and I like to live for that and my faith of making sure I love others. 

TRL: What advice do you give to people who want to be in your position next year?  

LH: [My advice is] to work hard and not to be lazy about your work. It’s a lot of work that you don’t think about and aren’t aware of it until it happens. [My advice is] to not give up and do your best with the work you are given. Be a leader for the ones that you are serving below you. Be the one they look up to, and be a good example.