Review: ‘Emily in Paris’ highlights romance, adventure


Courtesy of Netflix

Lina Mapes said that “Emily in Paris” is “not for those who disagree with a little romance in their lives.”

World-renowned at the moment, and being called this generation’s “Sex in the City,” the new Netflix series, “Emily in Paris,” has become a top 10 show in the world. After watching the entire first season, there is nothing to say, but “wow!” While getting to see the sights and sounds of Paris, you see the beginning of Emily’s journey in her new life as well. 

With a sparkle in the eye, and her witty sense of humor, Emily (Lily Collins), a young girl from Chicago, is whisked away to Paris for her job after her predecessor, Madeline (Kate Walsh), can’t go. First arriving, she is wide-eyed and hopeful for the amazing ideas she is creating during her time in Paris. However, on her first day at her new job, she learns that in Paris, you have to speak French, and she is not in Chicago anymore. Emily has a hard time understanding the cultural differences between Europe and the States. She came in thinking with all her great ideas; she would take the city by storm, but she soons started to realize if this new world she is living in will swallow her up. 

This show is not for those who disagree with a little romance in their lives. Emily goes through the ups and downs with trying to keep her life in Chicago, when she’s wanting to start a new life in Paris. She may end up packing her bags and going home to her boyfriend, or maybe she will stay in Paris and find new love with the chef downstairs, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). Who knows, we’re still waiting for the second season. 

In the first season, there are nine episodes. The target audience for this show is geared toward young adults, those who seek adventure, travel and love. The show is moody, dramatic and humorous with a little bit of love added in. Also, you cannot forget about the fashion in this show. Bringing in Patricia Fields, an American designer who worked on the shows of “Sex in the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” viewers will be amazed by the designer wardrobe sported by all characters in the show. From Emily’s calf length, black-laced dress for her trip, to the opera, to her killer white dress from Pierre Caldaue (Jean-Christophe Bouvet), high end fashion can’t be missed. This show is supposed to show that in life, people  have to go through many changes, but the way with them can better the course of your life. 

Plan to spend the weekend joining Emily, her entertaining friends and a new city this weekend. Meet the city of lights and meet “Emily in Paris.” 

Rating: A