Quarantine Q&A: Nurse Dresser

TRL’s Margo Friloux interviews high school nurse Amy Dresser about COVID-19


Hannah Gonzalez

High school nurse Amy Dresser shares how the district nurses are educating administration, staff and students during COVID-19. Dresser also shares her thoughts on the future of the pandemic.

TRL: What are you doing now to help the school?

Nurse Dresser: The other district nurses and I are keeping updated daily on COVID-19 with the CDC, Collin County Health Department, Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott updates, national and worldwide health resources. 

TRL: What are your thoughts on the virus returning in the fall? 

ND: My prediction for the fall semester regarding COVID-19 is that we don’t know what we don’t know. There are more questions than answers at this point, and it is too early to predict what the fall will look like. Coronavirus research is ongoing. That being said, there are things we can do now to prepare. We need to make sure our information is coming from a qualified medical source, like the CDC. There are important steps to follow for personal and public safety. We need to practice safety precautions– 6 feet physical distancing, proper hand washing technique of 20 seconds, sanitizing your hands properly when you are unable to wash them, not touching your face (eyes, nose, or mouth especially), properly wearing and removing a cloth face mask, and most importantly staying home if you are sick (which has always been the district policy). We need to practice being a good community member by being kind, patient, compassionate, and selfless. 

TRL: How has the nursing staff responded to this pandemic?

ND: We are educating our campus administration, staff, parents, and students through campus and district communications. We are also continuing with all our other responsibilities as school nurses.  We are reaching out and staying connected to our students with medical needs as well.

TRL: What is your advice to students during this time?

ND: We need to practice being a good community member by being kind, patient, compassionate and selfless. We need to practice self-care with good hygiene, proper sleep, exercise, healthy eating, appropriate social connections, appropriate coping skills regarding stress and mental fatigue.

TRL: How do you think this pandemic affects the future of the district?

ND: As we get closer to the fall semester, Lovejoy ISD will likely incorporate some changes to school policies to help protect students against the coronavirus with guidance from the Texas Education Agency, Texas Depart of State Health Services, and the CDC. The district nurses will be a part of this team.