Social distance shopping


Shae Daugherty

Pictured in the graphic are the Instagram feeds of Love Lex, Tiger Mist, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Pacsun, The Copper Closet, Topshop, Princess Polly and Showpo.

During this time away from school, I have found myself spending a lot of time online shopping. In case you are in need for some outfits post quarantine, I have compiled a list of shops across four different categories. The shops cover a variety of styles and price points.  

Instagram boutiques

During my time at home, my screen time has greatly increased and the majority of that being because of Instagram. Up until this year, I haven’t been someone to shop off of Instagram, but recently my “explore” page is my most visited place on my phone. There are several different boutiques and shops that have their own websites and advertise through social media, and a few of my favorites are, @GreyBandit, @TheCopperCloset and @ShopLoveStreet. These all have a very similar feel as they are all very on trend typical boutique clothes that adjust with the season. Currently, they all are mainly advertising tank tops, skirts and other summer/spring wear. They don’t have a heavy amount of fast fashion and have a lot of more timeless pieces. The pricing for these boutiques range from low to middle of the road. Both LoveStreet and Grey Bandit’s top sellers are in the $20-$40, while the Copper Closet is minorly cheaper with a general range of $20-30 range.

Trendy shops

Similar to the boutiques, there are many stores that have the boutique feel to them, but are also mixed with more fast fashion. These have a different quality and style to them as the boutiques and aren’t fully run off their Instagram. Some of my favorites to shop are Princess Polly, Tiger Mist and ShowPo. Their pieces and styles are higher end fast fashion. They typically have a lot of markdowns, which makes the final prices lower, but items generally range from $30-$60 based on the popularity of the item. These stores are great for getting dresses for a banquet or an event if you are looking for unique and trendy pieces. 

Retail stores

Two of my favorite retail chains to shop online while their in-person stores are closed are Urban Outfitters and TopShop. Both of these stores have cute and on trend clothing, but at a higher quality and are good for getting pieces that will last for a while, not just for one occasion. These are online shops that are also physical stores, unlike most other online stores. They are less of fast fashion and more long lasting trends. Other stores similar to these in quality are PacSun, Free People and clothes from the different brands of Nordstrom. These stores are constantly updating their stock because they have a higher number of customers shopping at their stores. Their prices are generally between $50-$150 depending on the store and what type of pieces you purchase, but they last long enough to make this price reasonable. 

Cheap and trendy

These last few stores are known for their very low prices, but occasionally bad quality. Some of the stores in this category are Zaful, Romwe and Shein. These stores contain fast fashion, clothes that are currently on trend, and may not be for long, similar style to the trendy shops, but at much lower prices. A lot of the items from these places are decent quality considering their price, but it is a hit or miss on whether you will get a good item or a bad quality and unwearable item. Their price range is generally from around $5-$15. I would recommend these stores for swimsuits and specific pieces, but not necessarily a lot of substantial and high quality items. With these sites, you pretty much get what you pay for, but sometimes are surprised with better quality.