Leopard Look: Emily Lawler


Cooper Meldrum

Senior Emily Lawler helps a Puster elementary school student with classwork. Emily took Ready, Set, Teach to prepare for becoming an elementary school teacher.

Senior Emily Lawler participates in Ready, Set, Teach which she said enables her to develop the skills needed for her future career of teaching. She will be attending Texas State and majoring in elementary education. 

At a Glance

Favorite Subject: English

Hobby: Shopping

Future Career: Elementary Teacher

Favorite Reality TV Show: The Bachelor

Looking Deeper

The Red Ledger: What is Ready Set Teach? 

Emily Lawler: Ready Set Teach is a class where during fourth and fifth period we get to go to Hart, Lovejoy or Puster. I go to Puster four days a week to be assistant teachers to classes.

TRL: How long have you been doing this, and with what age group? 

EL: I have been doing it for two years; I [assist in] first grade, and I’ve been with the same first grade teacher for both years.

TRL: How do you sign up or qualify for Ready Set Teach? 

EL: I just signed up for the class, but I had to take Principles of Education and/or Child Development in order to take the class. During the Principles of Education, we learned about the history of education and basic things that teachers should know before entering a classroom. In child development, we learned about children and how to take care of them which is important when becoming a teacher.

TRL: Do you teach certain classes or subjects? 

EL: When I go to the class that I help out it’s during their math time.

TRL: What inspired you to do this? 

EL: I have always wanted to be a teacher and taking this class has given me affirmation that I want to be a teacher in the future.

TRL: Would you want to teach at Lovejoy? Where do you see yourself in regards to your career or location or the next steps after high school? 

EL: I don’t know where I want to teach. It depends on where I will live. After college, I want to be an elementary teacher, and I’ll probably end up living in Texas–either in the Dallas area or Austin area.

TRL: What has teaching younger kids taught you?

EL: It has taught me to always have fun and to not stress over little things because teaching 6 year olds is chaotic. When you have a good attitude and are positive it’s a lot of fun.

TRL: What has been most challenging? 

EL: Each class and teacher has their own rules and routines, so at the beginning of the year for the first few weeks I had to learn and get used to their routine.

TRL: Does Ready Set Teach have anything to do with your future aspirations? 

EL: This class has helped me decide that I want to be an elementary teacher and has taught me things about teaching that most people don’t learn until they’re in college or even their first year teaching.

TRL: What subject would you want to teach as an elementary teacher in the future? 

EL: I want to teach K-3 which is all subjects.

TRL: How has Ready Set Teach taught you collaboration and teamwork? 

EL: Everyone in Ready Set Teach is really close so we all work well together and we do a lot of group projects, so we have to work together a lot.

TRL: How had Ready Set Teach added to your school experience or class schedule?

EL: Ready Set Teach is the class I look forward to every day, whether it’s getting to go to the elementary schools or getting to see my friends in the class on Fridays.