Leopard Look: Cassidy Fuller


Cooper Meldrum

Art 1 teacher Cassidy Fuller assists students in class. Fuller shares her classroom part time with the teacher she once learned from as a student at Lovejoy.

At a Glance

Classes: Art 1 and Advanced Art at Willow Springs and Art 1 at the high school

Favorite Color: Green 

Pets: French bulldog and pug named Bean  

Hobby: Stress baking, hiking 

Looking Deeper

The Red Ledger: What is your schedule like between the middle and high school? 

Cassidy Fuller: “I am the full-time teacher for Willows Springs and then I come over here during the middle of the day and I come to teach two classes at high school. I teach seventh and eighth grade at the middle school and all grades at the high school.” 

TRL: Where are you from originally, and what made you come back to Lovejoy?

CF: I am from Austin, then attended Lovejoy High School when my family moved here. So I’m technically from here. Then I moved to Chicago to go to The Art Institute of Chicago. Then I was asked to come back. I applied, and here I am. 

TRL: What did you major in at The Art Institute of Chicago, and what did you learn from it?

CF:  My school doesn’t really have majors. I obtained my Bachelor of  Fine Arts. It was mostly just like you have a fine arts degree. So I kind of incorporated a lot of different things. So it really helps me here where we’re doing a lot of different materials and a lot of different things. So from drawing to sculpture, I feel like I have a good handle from the interdisciplinary side. 

TRL: What was it like coming back to your high school? 

CF: It was definitely an adjustment from coming from Austin and Chicago. Just the adjustment from different people coming back to where I went to high school where I grew up, and also having my brother be in the same school as I am. It’s really strange because it is like a weird flashback. We shouldn’t be in the same school at the same time. Yeah, it’s a little weird but I feel like at this point I’ve adjusted. It’s been really good so far. 

TRL: What do you like most about teaching art?

CF: I mean because I have my degree in art, and art is the thing that I love most in the world. I am an artist outside of school, I make art, and I’m a teacher. I just want people to be inspired or at least feel like they’ve learned something about their own creativity. 

TRL: What type of art do you do outside of school?

CF: I mostly do really large scale pastel drawings. I also have made furniture and do all sorts of other weird things. I also sell my art. I have a show in South Korea at the Siko Museum of Art and one in Chicago. 

TRL: Do you do anything around the Dallas area? 

CF: I haven’t yet. I feel like I haven’t quite gotten connected with the galleries or people that run galleries in Dallas. Most of my connections are in Chicago.

TRL: What is one thing that was difficult as you adjust? 

CF: I think the weirdest part isn’t the coming back it’s the teaching in the same room that I learned. I think that’s been the weirdest part but Mr. Mac has been very nice because we share this room, so it’s a little strange. He was my teacher, and now we work together. So I think that’s probably the biggest adjustment is like, “Oh this room sort of belongs to me now.”