Leopard Look: Maddi Rumsey


Courtesy of Maddi Rumsey

Maddi and Katelyn Rumsey welcome exchange student Isabel Martinez at DFW airport when Martinez first arrived.

Freshman Maddi Rumsey and her family is hosting sophomore Isabel Martinez, an exchange student from Spain.

At A Glance

Favorite fast food: Chick-fil-A

A song that makes you sad: ‘Beautiful Crazy’ by Luke Combs

A sport you love to watch: Basketball

Jeans or sweatpants: Jeans

Favorite clothes shop: Adidas

Least favorite food: Oranges

Looking Deeper

The Red Ledger: Why did your family decide to host an exchange student, and why did you choose her among all the other exchange students?

Maddi Rumsey: Someone on Facebook asked us if we were gluten-free and we would like to host one and then we discussed as a family. We thought it would have been cool because she is gluten-free like us, and she also seemed athletic and with a cool personality from what we saw on her Instagram.

TRL: How was meeting her for the first time?

MR: It was strange, because it’s weird for me to hear someone from an another place speaking English, but it was also cool because I knew she was kind of going to be my sister for a year.

TRL: How are you enjoying having an exchange student?

MR: It is really great. It is giving me a lot of experiences and the point of view from another country. She is also helping me with Spanish and that’s cool.

TRL: What is one of the things that you enjoy doing with her the most?

MR: Probably playing basketball, we play in the same team so it’s fun.

TRL: What kinds of activities does your family do together?

MR: We go to Six Flags, we eat dinner out, and we go to concerts. We are always doing things together as a family.

TRL: How do you think she fits in your family?

MR: She fits really good. She actually feels like an another sister to me.

TRL: What is one thing that you’ve learned about her culture?  

MR: In Spain they are more relaxed and everything is closer so they don’t have to rush as much as we do here.

TRL: What is something that has changed in your life since Isabel came to live with you?

MR: The way we do things. Instead of being bored we have a lot of things to do and to experience since she hasn’t ever been here.

TRL: What is one of the best memories that you share with her.

MR: Probably just her getting off the plane and actually getting to meet me.