Editorial: Praising security changes


Shae Daugherty

The Red Ledger Staff appreciates campus solutions to school security.

With news of school shootings saturating our televisions and computer screens, it must be only natural to fear for our safety as we drive to school each day this year. We hear failure after failure of a school’s duty to protect their students and faculty across the country.

But our school has not merely listened to the outcry following recent school shootings–they have equipped the doors with alarms, coated the windows with an anti-shatter coating and provided teachers with emergency key fobs. These wise responses are some of the many reasons we pride ourselves in being Lovejoy Leopards. 

Students are first of all grateful for every hour, thought and penny spent in efforts to keep us safe. For any SRO or campus security officer who prioritizes child safety, for the police officers directing Sloan Creek traffic, and administration who undoubtedly spent hours deciding the best way to secure the school, our hearts go out to your service. 

The staff appreciates that the district leadership chose to protect the schools in ways which are undoubtedly effective. Rather than addressing controversial ideas such as arming teachers or increasing gun control, the school board and district administration did all in their immediate power to guard the students in ways which everyone can agree are helpful. Had the school neglected to act or even acted in ways which are politically divisive, they could have easily caused an uproar among students and faculty.

While this may not and should not be the extent of the school’s security, this year’s changes have been a wise beginning. Any justified fears of violence in the classroom may be calmed when a student looks up to see the black boxes on the walls or when a teacher feels the weight of the buttons attached to their lanyards. Help is closer now than ever at Lovejoy.