State Fair of Texas to open Sept. 28


Photo courtesy of State Fair of Texas

The state fair will be open Sept. 28 to Oct. 22.

The annual State Fair of Texas will open on Sept. 28 at 10 a.m. and closes Oct. 22. The first day hosts the opening ceremony at 7 p.m. performed by the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, the Kilgore Rangerettes and many more.

“I go every year because usually my friends invite me, and my mom’s a teacher so we get tickets,” freshman Hannah Brookshire said. “[I like the] rides because you feel like you’re gonna throw up. My favorite one goes really high up and just spins you around until you feel like you’re gonna fall out. I don’t really like the food there because it’s all fried, but the state fair is pretty cool though.”

The fair’s theme this year is “Celebrating Texas Innovation” in honor of the many inventions brought to life in Texas. The fair will last until Oct. 21.

“[Because I’m from New York] I’ve never been to the State Fair here,” French teacher Lisa Diena said. “I would take [my son] Amir to the petting zoo and probably ride some of the carnival rides, those sound fun.”

Check out The Red Ledger next week for a full State Fair preview.