Leopard Look: Andre Givins


Arushi Gupta

Student Council surprised janitor Andre Givins by honoring him at a pep rally.

Andre Givins is the head custodian at the high school and was honored at today’s Dude Be Nice pep rally for continued service to the school and dedication to students.

At A Glance

Favorite candy: Reese’s

Best album that students haven’t heard of: “The Blueprint” by Jay-Z

Favorite place to eat with friends or family: Cheddar’s

Worst student fashion trend: Too many to name

Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys

Looking Deeper

The Red Ledger: How long have you worked here, and how did you come to work here?

Andre Givins: I’ve worked here for 12 years and came to work here through a friend of mine, who was the supervisor here when I started. We had both been working at Walmart and didn’t like it, so when he got the position here, he brought me with him.

TRL: Do you have kids in the district?

AG: I have a son and a daughter at Hart.

Shae Daugherty
Gavins thought there was a spill in the gym, but he was surprised when he came to clean it up. As he entered the gym, students cheered and the band played for him.

TRL: What is the oddest thing you’ve found left by a student?

AG: Underwear. Just randomly left here one day.

TRL: How messy would you say the students at the high school are?

AG: If I’m being honest, really bad. There was a food fight here one year, and that was the worst mess I’ve ever had to clean up. The craziest thing about it is that a student at the time named Hunter Pfaff, he was such a good kid, came up to me and offered me $20 because he was so apologetic about what I had to clean up. You kind of saw the bad and the good in the kids on that day.

TRL: Seeing the classes come and go, what are some trends you’ve noticed with the students?

AG: The music. The rap music has gotten progressively worse. It’s all the same in that it glorifies violence and degrades women, but the talent has gone down so much. You and I could probably collaborate and make a great song in this day and age with a good beat.

TRL: What’s the worst day out of the school year for a janitor?

AG: Days where there are multiple events going on at one time. Let’s say there’s something going on in the auditorium, and there’s a game going on in the gym. Those are the days that are really hard because you have to focus so much in your own area while also cleaning up the entire building a second time.

TRL: What’s the best?

AG: Last day of school. We’re all ready for a break.

TRL: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to students?

Take your education very seriously. Doesn’t matter if it’s the military or college or a technical school, just continue to pursue some type of education or training outside of high school.