Editorial: Don’t be trashy


Avery Degenhardt

The Red Ledger encourages students to clean up after themselves in the parking lot.

Endless rows of Jeeps, occasional trees, and piles of trash dot the school parking lot. A rushed student swings into their spot, pushes their door open, and begins their trek to class. As they do, measly pieces of gum wrappers, an old water bottle, and some trashed papers fall out of their vehicle and onto the pavement below. The accumulation of litter from students throughout the lot creates an unappetizing scene that persists throughout the year.

Some of this garbage may venture into the grass-filled ditches on the sides and back of the school and eventually into drainage systems that empty into the environment and hurt wildlife. Fortunately, this cycle of waste is 100 percent preventable. The Red Ledger believes students should be more aware of their surroundings, pick up after themselves, and keep it clean.

It’s easy to do. A piece or two of trash flies away from your overflowing backpack. Simply pick it up and throw it away.

If every student was more self-conscious about the scattered piles of trash throughout the parking lot and began to pick up after themselves, those disgusting mounds of plastic bags covered in grime would begin to slowly fade out of the lot’s curves and corners. After all, trash belongs in recycling centers or landfills, not school property.

Of course it’s not just the school’s parking lot that is dirty with litter. Most places in urban areas of the world are no stranger to the occasional water bottle dropping or plastic bag tumbleweed. However, students should take pride in what their school looks like and make an  effort to maintain a clean campus.  

Taking the extra step to clean up after our fellow students can help the entire student body. A cleaner parking lot can boost the morale of students. Walking into the building after passing by a pile of grimy old straws and dirt-filled Gatorade bottles is not the best way to start a fresh Monday morning.

Some students already do a fantastic job at collecting litter they see throughout the parking lot, courtyard, and other areas, and we truly want to thank them for doing so. It does make a difference. If everyone pitched in, it would be exceptional.

We encourage everyone to step up, shape up, and clean it up. We only have one Earth, so let’s keep it clean and happy.