Work It works its way out of business


Sam McCorcle, A&E Editor

ABC’s new (attempted) sitcom “Work It” premiered last week to dismal ratings. This same show would have been the one in which junior Kacie Lynch would have appeared.

The show follows two out-of-work car salesmen who can only find jobs available to women, and so they (unbeknownst to their respective families) resort to cross-dressing in order to pay the bills. Saying that the show’s plot and script are poorly written is the understatement of the year. To put it in perspective, the frequently used laugh track doesn’t actually tell the audience when to laugh at the jokes; rather, it lets the audience know when to laugh directly at the creator’s of the show for their horrible attempt at comic relief.

It also doesn’t help that the show’s apparent “funny” character is the least funny one of the bunch. He has the joke delivery of a wet sponge. Combine this “unfunniness” with an already creepy, cross-dressing plot, and you have a recipe for disaster. Viewers would be better off watching a Swedish documentary about the growth of alpaca fur than have to watch another episode of this awful show. That being said, good call Kacie Lynch. You dodged a bullet on this one.

“Filming the pilot for ‘Work It’ was a great experience and I loved working with the cast and crew,” Lynch said. “I felt like I belonged in the industry when I was working on set and it made me realize that I really do love acting. But looking back, I’m so glad that I declined being on ‘Work It’ because I feel like that would not have been the best role for America to see me as. Now that ‘Work It’ has been cancelled, I feel very reassured that I made the right choice to jump ship from the show.”