Mr. Lovejoy brings out the strange in some students

Carly Parkinson, Staff Reporter

From piano playing to sandwich making, track shorts and tights to tuxedos, this year’s Mr. Lovejoy pageant, held during school on September 29, allowed 8 senior guys to show off their style, talent, and wit to the entire school.

Mr. Lovejoy is an annual event during homecoming week in which stereotypes are abandoned and roles are switched; the girls participating in Powder Puff football while the boys strut on stage in this male beauty pageant. This year’s competitors included Tristan McDonald, Chris Goodrich, Will McInerney, Zach Havens, Jordan Greene, Michael Myers, Gus Rehring, and Drew Shafranek.

The reasoning behind this event is simple.

“Its senior year, and you might as well do everything you can,” senior Gus Rehring said. “Why not? You have nothing else to loose.”

“I did Mr. Lovejoy because I like to make people laugh and I think it’s a lot of fun,” pageant winner Zach Havens said.

This year’s categories were Casual Wear, Aerobic Wear, Talent, Formal Wear, Question and Answer, and the Finale. The judges, who scored each category on a scale of 1 to 10, were Richard Harvell, Jennifer Leery, and Alison Lyles. The winner, Zach Havens, was announced during half time of the Powder Puff final.

“I didn’t know Zach was going to be the winner, because I was scoring as I went,” business teacher and judge Richard Harvell said. “I think when I was adding up my score cards Will McInerney was actually the winner on mine. His and Drew’s aerobic thing with the tights was, without a doubt, my favorite part. I was rolling. But everybody was bunched up really close in the scoring, it would be hard to tell the winner.”

Although Haven’s won, he knows it was a close contest.. “I think there was a bunch of people that should have won. If I had to pick on person I’d probably say it was Will McInerney. I thought he was hilarious the whole time,” Havens said.

The judges agreed but one thing set Haven’s apart.

“Zach’s best category was probably Q and A,” Harvell said. “The question he answered from me was really humorous. He just took the question and went with it, it was great”.

“The night before the pageant, I thought of what I was least talented at, and I did it,” Myers said.

“I didn’t really do much preparation. Me and Jillian Bryant’s dance we practiced for about 5 minutes before the show, and I just picked out clothes” Havens said.

Most importantly, each contestant shared in the fun and laughter.

“I guess it was cool to win, but I mostly just had fun,” Havens said.