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Shalom, I'm Rebekah and I'm not Jewish. This is my first year on the Newspaper Staff but I'm extremely excited for it. I eat pickles every single day and I am basically in love with my dog, Buddy. Well, the closest I can get to "loving" him without it being creepy. My parents made me watch Star Wars at a young age, so you could say that I'm well-rounded. Harry Potter is my biggest hero and influence and one day I will invent an actual Nimbus 2000, so remember me because one day you will be jealous. (Also, ask Mr. Higgins to do his Ollivander impersonation because you'll laugh until you cry). I don't meditate so I'm not sure why I did that in my Staff picture. It's not even funny. Honey Boo Boo is currently my favorite TV show so I shall leave you with this: Stay golden, sugar bears.

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Rebekah Jones