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Meridan Cavanaugh
In the beginning, Meridan Cavanaugh could not talk, walk, read or write. Now, sixteen years after her parents made up her unpronounceable name, she has overcome these obstacles and risen above her initial uselessness. A part of choir, theater and sometimes newspaper, she is involved in only the coolest programs of the school. She enjoys singing and playing piano, bass guitar, ukulele and harmonica, and will play the intro to Billy Joel's “Piano Man” for you until your ears bleed. Also, she is always listening to music from an alarmingly wide range of genres and is a condescending music snob. A cinephile from a very young age, she has vowed to watch every film on the “1000 Films to Change Your Life” list before she dies, which is a tall order for a mere mortal, but she, having gained immortality in a battle of wits with Socrates, will have no issue completing it. Some of her other life goals are to join the South African Extreme Ironing team, go to a Rage Against the Machine or Beastie Boys concert, and high five James Franco. Meridan moved here from Connecticut in eighth grade and while she misses trees, hills of any kind, and seasons, she has grown to love the people and low sales tax here.

Meridan Cavanaugh, Staff Reporter

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Meridan Cavanaugh