Black Friday: Deal or no deal

Meridan Cavanaugh, Student Life Editor

Black Friday is a day that many shoppers look forward to all year for massive sales and great deals. The day after Thanksgiving, the prices go down and the crowds go up.

Many on campus love Black Friday. All the popular stores have huge sales on their clothes and electronics and kids can’t wait to get their hands on new stuff. Some are especially dedicated to getting good deals and camp outside stores before they even open.

“You have to leave extra early, the second everyone goes to bed is when you leave. I get to the store and post up right outside the door and wait for it to open,” freshman Donelle Hunt said.

While Hunt will be braving the Black Friday frenzy, many teachers will be avoiding the crowds.

“I don’t usually go shopping on Black Friday anymore” English teacher Ginny Clark said. “I used to, but I really don’t like crowds, so I try to avoid doing any shopping on that Friday.”

“It’s a disgusting, consumer-oriented narcissistic venture into the American wasteland,” AP US History teacher John Conner said.

Stores are feeling the effects of Black Friday this year more than ever. With so much variety in stock and differences in hours, many have to change their schedules to bring in sufficient numbers of customers. Some, like Target, have to open earlier to compete with 24-hour stores like Walmart.

“We usually open at 4:00 a.m. but on Black Friday we have to open at midnight,” Target employee Erik Waldbauer said. “Walmart is open 24 hours and our usual customers will go there if we don’t open early.”