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After Jason Hertweck lost his job, Hertweck decided to build a business named Anodyne. Anodyne is a wellness center to relieve pain.

Friendly neighborhood clinic

Calla Patino, Section Editor January 13, 2022

Resting in the entryway are boxes the size of a sideways rocking chair to a simple tea pot, ready for transport to their new clinic home, Anodyne: Pain and Wellness Center of Allen. For a year, Stephanie...

Spanish teacher Augusto Bueno started at the high school as a long-term sub. Bueno is now replacing Spanish teacher Amanda Vera as a Spanish teacher.

Bueno(s) días, clase

Audrey McCaffity , Section Editor January 12, 2022

It’s the start of a new week of school, and students and teachers make preparations for the day before classes begin. Spanish teacher Augusto Bueno gets ready to welcome his first official class. After...

Coach Ledford and Coach Cannon coach the high school football team together. They went to the same high school and were good friends.


Calla Patino, Section Editor December 10, 2021

The game pauses as their starting middle linebacker is helped off the field. With a deep breath, Matthew Cannon jogs onto the field. The rivalry tension between Berkner and Lake Highlands High School is...

Senior Olivia Miller holds and plays with her kitten, Rain. Miller is fostering three kittens for her senior project.

Fostering up a storm

Ashlan Morgan, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

The trio of grey fur and bright green eyes rush to their breakfast plate. Senior Olivia Miller captures a picture and documents the furry madness on her Instagram. Miller is on her fifth week of raising...

Community member Noah Wallaert is participating in the kicken for chicken challenge next week during halftime at the Oklahoma game. Calla Patino details his journey donating bone marrow and how he got nominated.

One in five million

Calla Patino, Section Editor November 29, 2021

When Noah Wallaert and his wife went to the DKMS drive that the high school hosted in 2015 and allowed their mouths to be swabbed, there was a 0.05 percent chance of one of them matching with someone in...

Head girls soccer coach Ian Keble smiles as he talks to the soccer team. After recovering from cancer last year, Keeble is ready to start coaching normally again.

Back in the game

Sarah Hibberd, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

It's 4:15 p.m., an 89 degree September afternoon, and the sun's cruelty shows no mercy on the girls' soccer team. Players wipe the sweat off their brow as they liberate themselves from their shin guards...

Sandi Caston sands with her gems and rocks while holding up a skull. Caston and her husband travel and live in a motor home while selling their jewelry and other items.

Creative outlet

Calla Patino, Section Editor November 19, 2021

The sun reflects off the silver trailer as they back into their covered gravel spot. They pop open the sides as the “Silver Jewelry” signs fall. Next to their trailer on two to three tables, Sandi...

Courtyard Conversations: Teacher Monica Wilson

Courtyard Conversations: Teacher Monica Wilson

Mathias Alling, Section Editor November 18, 2021

Editor’s note: Courtyard Conversations is a monthly series, which features the school’s staff members, and a topic that is relevant to their lives or work at the school. TRL staff members speak with...

TRLs Calla Patino and Sarah Hibberd interview Alexander Ingram and Johnny Cana about their experiences in the army at the Veterans Day Dinner. Ingram and Cana met each other from their work as bus drivers for the district.

Connected through service

Calla Patino, Section Editor November 15, 2021

Two friends wake up at 5:00 a.m., climb out of bed with their wives to be on their buses by 6:00 a.m. to drive students to school. When Alexander Ingram and Johnny Cana found out they both served in the...

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