Featured Athlete: Kyle Branch


Nicholas Perez

Junior Kyle Branch stands and talks to use about his baseball career. Branch recently committed to play baseball at OU.

Junior shortstop Kyle Branch plays for the baseball team. He recently committed to the University of Oklahoma after coming off a successful season as all-district defensive player of the year.


Pre-game meal: 10-count chicken mini (Chick-Fil-A)

Pre-game song: “Dancing In The Dark” by Rihanna

Favorite chip flavor: BBQ

Favorite MLB team: Texas Rangers


The Red Ledger: What made you stand out to programs in the recruiting process?

Kyle Branch: I would have to say my competitive play and my willingness to win. Whenever I am on the field, nothing else matters but winning whether I’m on top of my game or not. Also, my defense has improved a lot over the years, and I continue to get better.  

TRL: If you could play any other sport in college what would that be? Why?

KB: If it wasn’t baseball, I’d choose to play football. There’s nothing like Saturdays, especially in the fall, because of college football. It’s electric, and people are extremely loyal to their team.

TRL: How did it feel to receive that first college offer? 

KB: It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, being that I have been an OU fan my whole life. It outdid the other offers by a long shot because the staff there did a good job of communicating and helping me understand where the program was headed.  

TRL: What made Oklahoma stand out from the other programs?

KB: Oklahoma ruled over the other schools because it’s an incredible place to be. They have a prestigious history, and the program, baseball specifically, is headed in the right direction. I also have several connections and friends who live in Oklahoma that I can hunt within the off-season. 

TRL: What is your advice to younger baseball players trying to play in college? 

KB: Be able to accept failure, especially on the baseball field. The game is designed for you to fail 70% of the time. Always play hard, always be a good teammate and the rest will fall into play. 

TRL: What are you most looking forward to this baseball season? 

KB: I am extremely excited to see how my hard work done in the fall will pay off, and to take more of a leadership role on a fairly new team. We’re gonna be a younger team this year, so it’s going to be a fun experience. 

TRL: Who inspired you to play baseball and why? 

KB: Ever since I was a kid, I always tagged along to my big brother Kolby’s baseball games. I’d carry my bat and glove and play wall ball. He has been my biggest baseball inspiration because I witnessed his whole entire journey and watched him both succeed and fail and be the same player at all times.