Featured Athlete: Sidney Carr


Matt Bolden

Freshman point guard no. 3 Sidney Carr keeps the ball away from Liberty’s no. 11. Carr scored eight rebounds at Monday’s game.

Sidney Carr is fresh off her freshman basketball season. She was recently named the District 10-5A newcomer of the year by the district coaches.

Pre Game:

Pre-game meal: Chipotle chicken club and a pomegranate smoothie at Tropical Smoothie

Pre-game hype song: “5500 Degrees” by EST Gee

Position: Guard 

Favorite Athlete: Deja Kelly

Post Game:

The Red Ledger: When did you start playing basketball, and what drew you to the sport? 

Sidney Carr: I started playing when I was six. All of my cousins played, so I wanted to as well. I played a lot of sports growing up. I just wanted to try out everything. 

TRL: Have you played any other sports? If so, why did you choose to stick with basketball? 

SC: I’ve played soccer, volleyball, softball and track. I also used to dance (ballet) and do gymnastics. Basketball and track were my main, but the seasons collided. I fell in love with basketball the most and decided I wanted to stick with it. 

TRL: What do you believe your biggest strength on the court is? 

SC: Defense! I love it.

TRL: What teams have you played for outside of school? 

SC: I’ve played for Drive Nation, Ashley Robinson Lady Vols, Team Takeover, [and] Mid-City smoke.

TRL: How would you compare school basketball to out of school basketball?

SC: School basketball is a little bit less competitive than AAU, but in school you get to play with upperclassmen and in AAU you play with your grade or one grade up. School ball is also slower than AAU. 

TRL: What was the experience like being the only freshman on varsity?

SC: It was fun. I knew a lot of upperclassman just because I was on varsity.

TRL: What did receiving the Newcomer of the Year award mean to you?

SC: Receiving this award meant a lot, I was working for it all season, and was really hopeful to get it. It would be a huge accomplishment and help me for AAU. After I got the award, I had a few coaches reach out to me and wanted me to try out, so it opened a lot of opportunities for me. 

TRL: Who do you look up to most in your life?

SC: My mom. She’s my literal bestfriend, and she just shows me everything in life. 

TRL: What is your motivation in sports? 

SC: My siblings. I’m the oldest and they all look up to me so I try to do good so that they can.  Also for my sisters just to show her girls can do big things too. 

TRL: What are your future plans for basketball?

SC: I want to finish out my highschool career and I would love to go to college on a full ride scholarship.