Football defeats the undefeated


Caroline Dolberry

Sophomore quarterback no. 10 Alexander Franklin sets up to throw the ball down the field. The Leopards scored five touchdowns against Frisco.

The football team defeated the previously undefeated Frisco Racoons on Friday 38-15 adding to their 8-0 streak. 

“The game on Friday went great,” senior tight end Will Branum said. “We went into it prepared and ready to go, and because of that we got the results we were after.”

So far this season, the team has defeated their competition by at least 30 points every game. Winning by 23 against the Raccoons was the closest game the leopards have had this season.

“We expected the competition to come from their offense being that they run a non-traditional offense,” junior linebacker Bennett Slaughter said. “But the game went great and we were able to destroy the line of scrimmage on both sides.”

The defense held the Raccoons to only two touchdowns and one two-point conversion, one in the first quarter and one in the fourth. The defense also had two interceptions during the game.

“This year we definitely have some real strengths revolving around our explosive passing game,” Branum said. “but our defense has been going crazy and has thus far been a challenge our opponents can’t seem to overcome.”

Frisco was the only other undefeated team in districts and was expected to be one of the toughtest competition in districts. 

“Out of all of our competition in districts, Frisco was the one we were expecting the most challenges from,” junior wide receiver Blake Redding said. “Our defense was able to lock-down their offense and gave them a real challenge.” 

There will be a shortened week of practice as the team will face 1-7 Frisco Lebanon Trail on Thursday.

“Preparationstarts Sunday at 7:30 p.m. with a zoom meeting,” Slaughter said. “Then we go into practice and film at 6:20 everyday of the week and we have after school game-planning for an hour everyday.”

District season will end Nov. 4 after the game against Frsico Liberty. After that game, the team will know their placing and opponents for playoffs. 

“We have one goal this season and that’s a state title,” Branum said. “Nobody is on our team with any mindset other than that.”

The team hopes to continue their undefeated winning streak throughout the end of district season as well as playoffs. 

“We have worked long and hard to be undefeated, but still have a long road ahead,” Slaughter said. “We’re only halfway there, but we’re ready and determined to keep working hard to meet our goal of becoming state champions.